Have You Ever Gotten Lost Somewhere That Might Be Considered As Unusual?

Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by WildSpirit, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Active Member

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    Thank God that kind of situation never happened to me (and I hope it never happens ;)), because all the few places that I ended up losing myself were "known" places like forests, sand dunes and beaches. So, it wasn't something so unusual (at least for me, of course).

    How about you? Any "special" place for this in your life? :rolleyes:
  2. OursIsTheFury

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    I had to walk this incredibly long rope bridge overlooking a damn roaring stream back in college. It was rickety, it was incredibly unstable, but it was the only way to the village we were headed to. Luckily we went another path to the next village and from there we had a main route to the highway, so we didn't have to cross the bridge again. I hated it and I felt bad for the people who had to use it, but it had a hell of a view though.
  3. Clara1993

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    I like to travel And Sometimes I get lost when I go in places For the first time! But Still they are usually not anusual Because Before I go to places I make researches and Try to connect to the place before starting my journey like how to ask for guidance in their native language or pack things like compass and maps to help me in that kind of situation :)
    That what survivals should do.
  4. remnant

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    Some years ago late in the day, I was working in a quarry in an area not far away from home when I decided to follow a short cut. I ended up in a marshy area alongside a river surrounded by thick bushes and for a moment I thought I was lost though I was following the correct direction only to view a familiar landmark in sight.
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