Have you ever let your stash go out of date?

Discussion in 'Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food' started by lucidcuber, May 30, 2016.

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  1. lucidcuber

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    I'm not sure if chickpeas even do really 'go off' but I started prepping in March 2011, and some of my first tins have now expired with a date of March 2016.

    I know the standard procedure is to rotate your supplies, so that you use the stash, and your shopping replenishes the food so that you're always eating in-date food, and the use-by date on the stash gets progressively further out, but I didn't stick to that quite so religiously, and now I find my very earliest good just starting to hit their use by dates.
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  2. Valerie

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    Oh that's a shame! Yeah, don't go opening that can of chickpeas. A grotesque, sticky monster might come sloughing out... Be a good science experiment though!

    Rotating supplies. I usually do a yearly check on what has to be used. I'll bring those goods into the pantry to be used then restore what I took after going grocery shopping. Keeping an inventory list is also helpful. You can make an excel spreadsheet (or something similar) and input the details of everything you have. Then you can see the expiration dates in a systematic line.
  3. Keith H.

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    No, I can't recall ever letting any of our provisions get out of date. Very occasionally some new food has been purchased & not used up because it was found unsuitable, but then that goes to the chooks.
  4. lucidcuber

    lucidcuber New Member

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    Too late I'm afraid. It certainly was edible, but tasted distinctly different (and worse) to a fresh can. It taught me a lesson about not rotating occasionally, but I also know that I could theoretically depend on it if my life depended upon it (and at no other time).
  5. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    My stashes are ammo for guns tools to work with tarps for shelter extra knives ropes useful iteams to re stock replace yes some meals but they are types that have long shelf life well sealed well below frost line i use black pvc pipe over white so if wash out happens they still haard to spot
  6. lonewolf

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    if you use the rotate method then your stash shouldn't go out of date, i mean most of it is okay for years so I am unsure how this would be accomplished. some people buy stuff they wouldn't normally eat just because its cheap or on special offer and it never gets used, so that is a false economy and should be avoided.
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