Hawaii Volcano Could Trigger Underwater Landslide, Tsunami

Discussion in 'Earthquake' started by Old Geezer, May 15, 2018.

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    The volcano ongoing now in Hawaii, May 2018, could trigger the landslide of the Hilina Slump on the on the volcanic island's east coast. Such a landslide would trigger an earthquake in excess of 9.0 in Hawaii and would set out a tsunami several hundred meters tall. The Pacific coast of North America would have its cities scraped off -- Los Angeles would be particularly vulnerable. A small landslide would only kill a few thousand, however if this went truly apocalyptic, millions would perish.




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    We are past due for a major seismic event. With our now massively increased population mainly located near large bodies of water it is naturally going to be a huge loss of life when it happens. The East Coast is as vulnerable to this threat as the West Coast. There are volcanoes in the Atlantic that could toss a hundred foot tsunami at the Eastern Seaboard. It would sweep Manhattan Island like the Hurricane in 1900 swept Galveston Island almost clean. We just keep building in places that WILL eventually take a hit of one kind or another and millions will be threatened.
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