Hawaiian Underground Oven (IMU)

Discussion in 'Primitive Cooking' started by joshposh, Jul 6, 2016.

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  1. joshposh

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    Here's a video of a Hawaii family making a IMU in their back yard. It is a smaller Imu that is being made and used. But you get the point of the process. I have made several of these on a much grander scale and it is hard work to carry the rocks and dig the hole necessary for this to work.

    Sure you can just do a rotisserie style of cooking a pig, but in my traditional way this is how we did it. In a much larger Imu you can do several pig at once and feed 100s of people at once.

    If my people did it for 100s of years before the invention of modern conveniences and electricity, then this is a proven cooking method. As it is still being used today.

  2. OneFoot

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    Mahalo nui loa!
    ive always explained how to do this over the years even taught a few ''haoles'' lol
    in my opinion the way the ancient hawaiians did it was just pure amazing! I love that they are my ancestors!
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    Thanks for posting those videos.

    My Father was born on Kaui...but most of his people migrated to the Big Island and also to Oahu....for work.

    I've eaten the pig from such olde school methods of cooking but never seen the pit prepared...so thanks for the video.

    The pig was very tasty.

    My cousins hunt the pigs up on the mountains with dogs and guns..but sometimes the younger ones corner them with dogs and spears..the olde ways. They have more guts than do I. A cornered wild pig is a mean nasty creature.
    They tell me that they come down into the Macadamia nut groves and eat the Macadamia nuts when they fall to the ground.
    A macadamia nut has a very very hard shell...thus indicating the power of their jaws.
    That is one tough animal.

    But it is very tasty when they prepare a pig in this manner.

    My Dad's people are mostly on the Big Island...around Kailua, Kona, Captain Cook, Hookena and some in Hilo.

    Some still on Oahu..but Oahu is to big city for my liking. To fast for me. The pace of life on the Big Island is just fine for me.

    I miss buying Malasadas from the local bakerys. They too are very tasty. Good Siamin too.

    Thanks again for the videos.
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    People in Georgia USA need to get onboard with these ovens, 'cause of the huge pig population that needs more than a little thinning-out. True too in Texas, right? I know that pig populations are getting horrific in multiple states. Time to luau! Killing pigs, drinking beer, ... sounds solidly Southern to me!
  5. watcherchris

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    LOL LOL LOL!!!

    Agree Olde Geezer...Agree!!

    Sounds like a good way to spend a weekend. Hunting pigs and cooking them.

    I am waiting for them to migrate up here into Virginia. ...and I believe that by and by it is coming.

    Around here lots of people have barbecues built out of oil drums of various sizes..but in half ..hinges put on them and so too steel bars or heavy grate for the grills. They fill them with charcoal. This too makes for good cooked pig.
    Plenty of barbecue to be found here and in particular across the boarder in North Carolina.
    I like the way they fix barbecue and homemade sausage in North Carolina. The sausage does not shrink up much as does so much of store bought sausage.

    Spoke to my friend out near Johnson City on my ham radio for about 40 minutes last night. I keep tabs on him and his local wildlife report as well as the weather out that way. He is kind of in a hollow and does not get good cell phone or wi fi..internet coverage. He plans to put up a cell phone repeater up on top of the ridge on his property and beam it down to his house.
    That is also where he picks up a lot of tracks of the four legged wildlife transiting his property....up on his ridge.
    I figure by and by he too will be getting plenty of wild pigs.
    He sees the occasional bear track..but mostly wild turkey, deer, and occasionally coyote too.

    He has an electronic game call ...it looks like a boom box. Very interesting piece of gear.
    He turned that device on here at my driveway and got hundreds of blackbirds to come to this property. I don't know from whence they came .but they reacted very fast to the electronic call box.

    He told me eventually he will put up some of those trail cameras on certain areas of his property to see what transits the trails near him.

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