Healthy Canning, Old School Vs New School

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    Just came across an interesting book concerning canning and food preservation, that can be downloaded (57.5 MB) published in the 1920's. Did a quick scan of the contents and it seems rather useful, the download link is:

    Please note that this is the 3rd edition of the book which has been upgraded and re-released several times right up until 2014. I would not recommend using the original book without doing some research into current practices based on this excerpt:

    " Just because a recipe isn’t in the current Blue Book doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not safe anymore; it could mean that it hasn’t been judged by the Blue Book editors as appealing to enough people at the present time to be fit into their limited space for each production run.Old-timers say that over the years Ball will prune recipes — not necessarily because the recipes are no longer safe, but sometimes just because tastes have changed.If you are wondering about a recipe in an old Blue Book that isn’t in a current one, ask Ball customer service before using the recipe, and they will tell you if it’s still considered safe or not"

    made on this site:

    The newer versions of the book can be purchased on Amazon
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    Purple Gumboots I am a longtime canner and have 30 years worth of Ball Blue Books. I have kept them all and use the recipes to this day. Some recipes I have modified to today's canning standards and for some it is not necessary. I also buy older food preservation books that I run across. they are great for references and ideas.
    1. Old Geezer
      My paternal grandmother was an old-time canner (born 1899) and come canning season, as dictated by the signs (the Farmer's Almanac was part of her religious canon), she would spend days / weeks canning. Our dirt cellar was full of canned goods of every ilk.
      Old Geezer, Jul 11, 2020
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    Anybody have a good (or even better GREAT) recipe for bourbon Bar BQ sauce? I used to get Jack Daniels BBQ sauce but they went out of business. So now I'm experimenting. All help appreciated. I LOVE BBQ!!!

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