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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Subterrain, Apr 16, 2019.

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  1. Subterrain

    Subterrain New Member

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    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to prepping and have many questions I'm hoping to learn the answers to. I've been following YouTube videos on prepping, shtf, survival, homestead, off grid and bunkers for some time. I'm not entirely at a loss though being a former Ssgt. in the Marine Corps. I look forward to reading through the forum and eventually joining in on discussions. Semper fi
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  2. IBME

    IBME Expert Member

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    Welcome to this forum, from the Great State of Alaska.
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  3. Morgan101

    Morgan101 Expert Member

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    Welcome from Missouri, and thank you for your service. Good to have you with us.
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  4. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Good day & welcome to this forum.
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  5. TexDanm

    TexDanm Shadow Dancer

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    Howdy!! Welcome to the group. Ask anything here and you will probably get a good response from people all over the world. That is one of the things I like most here. Different places sometimes have very different ways to deal with similar problems. I've learned a lot here.
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  6. TMT Tactical

    TMT Tactical The Great Lizard !

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    Warm Welcome from the Arizona valley folks. USA
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