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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Ogeechee, May 20, 2018.

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  1. Ogeechee

    Ogeechee New Member

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    Hello everyone,

    It's great to be here.

    Although some would not consider me a proper prepper, I do believe in being self sufficient.

    To this end I have purchased a large tract of land on a river in Georgia in the hopes of converting it into a good bug-out location. In addition, I keep an RV and sailboat ready as a second and third option.

    My interests are in solar power, high density farming, composting toilets and all things related to off-grid living.

    I'm always eager to answer questions about my own experiences. I am somewhat knowledgeable about long-term sailing and finding off-grid properties, so please feel free to reach out to me on these subjects.

    My day job is as a software developer and therefore I'm also enthusiastic about technology.

    It's great to meet you all and I'm looking forward to learning from you.

    Best regards,

    -Ogeechee (not my real name :)
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  2. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    Speaking of living near a river, plot several routes to you bug-out location. Think of choke points: all bridges will be at risk for traffic jams, high-crime neighborhoods must be avoided, neighborhood streets will be intentionally blocked by the locals to keep the unwanted away, when cars get stopped looters will attempt to rob the people inside those cars, ...

    Attacks on car occupants do happen. Witness what happened at state fairs in Iowa and Wisconsin. I was living in the Midwest at this time and remember reading about the attacks and talking to people who had been to one of these fairs when the violence broke out:

    Armor your truck, else you are a sitting duck!

    Put a motorcycle inside a truck, so that if you have to abandon the truck, you can continue on your off-road motorcycle. Count on having to spend part of your journey on foot.

    When you get to your cabin, just figure on having some interloper and his friends / family occupying the place. You are going to have to have a weapon that will shoot through the sides of your house at designated areas. Other parts of the walls of your house should be bullet-proof up to and including 7.62 x 51 NATO FMJs. The heavy stuff around doors and windows -- under windows, plus one side, left or right, your preference.

    There are protective sheets to affix to glass to make the glass far more durable.

    Have fire-fighting equipment in your cabin and buried out away from the house -- why the latter? When the people abandon your cabin, they are going to set the place on fire to keep you from having it.

    Inside your cabin, have a gun safe. You may not even have guns in the thing, but canned food you should. You should have a Katadyn water filter in the safe along with your other survival equipment. The safe should be fireproof if you can afford that. The safe should be lag-bolted into a slab of reinforced concrete; you can use lead sinkers or there are other locking mechanisms.

    There is much, much more to consider. The above ideas have been in my head due to our having family in Memphis -- think about escaping that place post-New-Madrid earthquake!

    If you love technology, then set up alarms with random on / off times. You can use a computer to control this timing, or 555 timers, or a PLC. The alarm should not just be loud, it should be excruciatingly loud -- make-your-eyes-bleed loud. Mega-dB noise can disorient a human.

    An RV can be a good temporary solution, however one cannot defend family and self from inside one of these things. RVs are death-traps.

    I'm going to let others contribute. I'm tired and running out of ideas. I was just working outside in the garden and trimming trees. I'm too old and crippled for this stuff.

    Good luck man! Wishing you and yours well.
  3. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    Good day & welcome aboard.
  4. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    A couple of more ideas came to me, so before I forget:

    When burying items that can be found with a metal detector, be sure to put lots of tin cans in the ground in that area. These will serve as false-positives for metal detectors. With a spading shovel lift up some turf, place flattened metal can under the ground, set the turf back down to keep it healthy. The whole area is going to set off any metal detectors. Set-up areas of false positives where you have stored nothing.

    On the door of your cabin place a sign such as, "Keep on your hazardous material suit until the insecticides in this location are diluted by 50:1. Skin contact can be fatal." The barrels in your cabin will contain water for bathing purposes or to later purify. The interlopers do not need to know that. Place warning signs on your food storage containers.
  5. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    The Old Geezer is losing it. "Random on/off times" means that when the alarm goes off, the alarm stays on a while then goes off, then comes back on, ... then off. This at >160 dB. This recipe causes the central nervous system to decompensate. So if you have trapped someone inside your cabin, you can shake them up a while before you and yours attack. You can also leave whiskey containing some "little extras" to make burglars very, very sick.
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