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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by willywonka, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Hi everyone! I'm writing from Los Angeles, California! I can't wait to meet everyone and exchange ideas and tips on being a prepper. I started prepping for the worst when I realized how litter water we have for this huge state. My state is basically a huge desert and there are not enough resources to survive. I started growing my own food and learning how to filter water from local reserves. Happy to be here!
  2. BeautifullyBree

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    Its nice to meet you! Hello from Oklahoma. I too have started growing my own food. Its such a joy to cook and eat something you grew.
  3. Deeishere

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    Welcome! I use to live in California! We lived in the San Francisco Bay area. It's a beautiful state and most of our vacations were right in the state. We had so much to do there was no reason to leave. :rolleyes: I use to prepare and I would rotate my supplies. I had never been in an earthquake before and I wanted to be ready. I did feel tremors before and that was such a weird feeling. I still have family members there and I know there is a limit on how much water everyone can use.
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