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    Hello from the beautiful and amazing state of Pennsylvania. I've been into prepping and survivalism for a long time and I used to post on the forum of APN, American Preppers Network, I still sometimes do but recently they've changed their layout and they are not yet back up to full swing so I've been looking for other prepping and survivalist forums. As for areas of survivalism that Im strong in, I am big into fitness and exercise and believe in keeping myself in top shape both physically and mentally and Im a strong believer in protection and defense. Im really big on guns and I've been fascinated by them ever since I first learned what they are. As such, its much better to be in PA than to be in the state I grew up in, NJ. But aside from that I've taken many firearm classes and Im particularly good with handguns. I also love to travel and I've driven across the country many times. Right now I am learning more about welding and more about electronics. My weakness as a survivalist is medical stuff, it grosses me out. I also do not have a background in homesteading and farming, unlike some of the other people here no doubt, but I am learning some of the basics of gardening and beekeeping as well.
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