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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Travis.s, Jul 30, 2018.

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  1. Travis.s

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    Hello my name is travis and I'm currently a red deer resident.
    I've always had an interest in prepping but am relatively new to it I have a plan and a few skills geared towards that goal but would love to meet and share skills and ideas. I'm a quick learned and a respectful and reasonable guy. I am a bit of a hermit but can be social.
    Please feel free to contact me
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  2. Keith H.

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    Good day Travis & welcome to this forum.
  3. Old Geezer

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    Travis, I am utterly unfamiliar with Canadian firearms laws. I'd be willing to bet that others on this site are as daft about such as am I.

    Don't take this as any class assignment or such, but should the time find you, would you give us an overview? I image that hunting rifles and shotguns are not too difficult to obtain -- except that in Canada one may have to have some sort of firearms permit or whatever. Are semiautomatics -- rifle or shotgun -- permitted to be owned? Do Canadian provinces vary in their gun control laws (Ontario vs Alberta), or is all of this federal paperwork?

    As to handguns and military-esque firearms, must one have a license to purchase? A license to carry?

    Here in the U.S., firearm laws vary among states. Some states have reciprocity between themselves -- i.e. if one has a carry license in Virginia, Tennessee will recognize the Virginian license as being valid in Tennessee. As many as 6 or more states will recognize each other's statutes.

    Some states have no restrictions on purchasing long arms or handguns, save that you have no criminal record, that you've never been adjudicated mentally ill, or that you have been convicted of violent spousal abuse. One DOES have to fill out federal paperwork on any firearms purchase. That paperwork has one answer a series of questions. If you falsify that paperwork, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (now includes explosives) can send you away to a federal prison for a decade. Felons do not purchase firearms legally anyway. After one fills out the fed form, the dealer makes a phone-call to their states' background check line. Results usually come back within an hour. I've heard of felons with a zero IQ try to go through a registered gun dealer. Most denials are overturned due to mistaken identity -- there are 300,000,000 Americans, no matter how unique your name, three other folk have your name and one of them is a wife-beater.

    There are a half-dozen states which are socialist / anti-Constitution. Their laws are designed to gather data on citizen firearm ownership for the purpose of future confiscation. Such states have mountains of firearms laws which are, of course, ignored by felons. These states couldn't care less if felons terrorize the citizenry; indeed, such plays into their scheme of the subjugation of the "little people" to their "superiors" in government. America is headed down the slippery slope to its Civil War, part II. Real Americans will fight before "getting on the trains" -- same thing as capitulating to an unjust government, "death before dishonor."

    So, welcome Travis and if you wish to share what you know about Canadian gun laws, I'd be ever so appreciative to hear about such.
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  4. Travis.s

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    Thanks keith
  5. Travis.s

    Travis.s Expert Member

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    As to your question old geezer there are to kinds of licenses for firearms in Canada the restricted and the unrestricted.
    The first is focused on hand guns weapons that are easily concealed and as far as I know canada doesn't allow concealed weapons so you can't walk the streets with a gun in fact you can be in a lot of trouble if you try to drive to a shooting range and dont inform the police that you are doing so while transporting you firearms.
    Each province has a firearms test that is as little different then the others to get a license the weapon has to be registered and buying one requires one as well as pass a safety test (fac-firearms acquisition certificate and pal -possession and acquisition license) for your arms restricted and non restricted.
    Semi automatic are allowed excluding assault rifles if you modify your weapon to go beyond that there would be a problem. Shotguns are allowed if they meet a barrel length requirement.Here in canada we are more strict with are gun control in fact very few citizens have anything more then a hunting rifle in my own observation granted there are a few I personally know that collect them but each is registered to them and can be prone to inspection.
    Restricted firearms must be registered but non restricted like a hunting rifle don't except for in Quebec I believe. If you own a gun you must store it in a weapons case that is fire proof and has a lock on it and keep the ammunition separate. We also have restrictions on some ammunition and modifications as well but I am not familiar enough on that.
    I hope that helped
  6. arctic bill

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    In canada you need a permit to buy rifles and shotguns, as long as you are not a criminal, crazy, wife beater ect you just file out the forms and after a police check you get a permit. hand guns are considered restricted and are much more difficult to get a permit for.
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  7. Travis.s

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    Thanks for the extra input arctic bill
  8. wally

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    welcome to the forum....
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