Herbal tea for kidney stones

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    This thread is not about the herbal product in the packet that is disguised as food supplement. This is about the sambong plant and the banaba tree. I'm sorry for those living in the cold climate but those 2 medicinal plants grow abundantly in the tropics.

    Sambong is a tall plant which is very prolific. The leaves, when made into tea, is good to dissolve kidney stones. The banaba leaves, also when made into tea, is a diuretic. When you urinate that means you are cleansing the kidney. You can imagine the benefit of making tea out of sambong and banaba leaves in combination. That's what we have once a week to at least prevent the onset of kidney stones.
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    I had no idea that could help with kidney stones. Ive never had kidney stones, but I don't want to. I will have to start drinking this more often.
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    That is good advise and on that list you can add basil with honey or nettle tea, they are all excellent remedies for the cure and prevention of kidney stones.
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    I just realized that people who live in tropical countries shouldn't dislike the climate they're in since it's advantageous that they have access to fresh fruits. We might not have berries as those in cold climates could easily have, but there are abundance of fresh fruits here like bananas, coconuts, papayas, pineapples, and much more.
    Aside from herbal plants, dandelion root, and Parsely leaves extract, I read that drinking lemon juice somehow helps in preventing kidney stones from forming because of the citrate that Lemons contain.
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