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  1. Verity

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    Some herbs are amazing for healing ailments saving you a doctor visit and actually help you get well faster.

    For cold, flu, sinus infection, allergies:

    Drink hot rosemary tea with honey. Rosemary oil can also help with skin irritations. It helps keep bugs away and it can help with stomach problems and menstrual cramps.

    Cold, Cough, Viral or Bacterial Infections, Stomach issues, Weight loss, Depression, Headaches:

    Cinnamon in 8oz of hot water and honey is amazing and can help with so many problems. I usually pair it with another tea and alternate drinking this and another tea when I'm sick.

    Relaxing, Anti-inflammatory, bacterial infection, stomach problems and menopausal issues:

    Sage tea and honey can help you with all these issues.

    Dandruff, cough, sleep aid, energy, minor wounds and cuts:

    Natural honey can heal all of this. The kind of honey you find at a farmer's market, not the stuff in the teddy bear bottle.

    Good for the heart, fights virus and bacteria, has antioxidants, is nutritious, detox, good for your bones, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol:

    Russian medicine aka garlic! Garlic is like cinnamon as in it is good for like everything!

    I know this isn't a long list, but these are herbs I keep in my house all the time and we use them regularly and are rarely ever sick. If we are sick a combination of these or even one will knock it out of our system.
  2. djordjem87

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    I know a few and these are all old traditional remedies. Mint is good for stomach, fennel as well but more for gases, lemon balm is good for nerves as well as St. John's Wart. These are all herbs and most of the remedies I know and use are herbal. Nettle is a good source of iron and so is blackberry. Some people do not know but green and red peppers are very rich in vitamin C. Actually the top the list with some exotic fruit that I forgot how it's called. Much more than in lemon or any other fruit. Eat peppers.
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  3. Rabunmom

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    Echinacea is a great natural antibiotic. Dried yarrow is good to stop bleeding. Garlic built you immune system. There are so many things can go in this category.
  4. kamar19

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    That's a good list of herbs, the beauty of your common herbs is that there easy to grow and find. Herbs like turmeric, garlic and ginger are all fairly easy to grow, and they work wonders on the body, these anti-cancer anti inflammatory herbs are a must have for home remedies, I trust these herbs for long term health much more than modern medicine.
  5. Corzhens

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    We have some herbs in the garden but it's only mint that we usually use as garnishing for the plate of food. Other herbs like oregano and basil are only for decorations since we do not know how to use them. For curative herbs, we have the tawa-tawa that is proven to be good against dengue. There's also the pancit-pancitan which is an antidote against arthritic pains. There are some other herbs but I am not well versed with the uses.
  6. Koala

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    I plan on doing my herb garden very shortly because I have free space and that's a very nice list you've made. It's always practical to have some herbs that are specific for some illness - natural remedies for colds, flues and so on are much better and more efficient, at least in my opinion.

    What about Chamomile? it's widely popular here and I still remember when my grandmother used it all the time. We always make Chamomile tea and use it for colds, flues and stomach pain. It's really an amazing herb.
  7. Scarlet

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    In every country there are different herbal medicines that can cure same type of illness. For example, a ginger is very common in asian countries that can cure stomach pain but chamomile does the same thing which is a common herbal plant in western country.
  8. Tina Thompson

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  9. Tina Thompson

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    I'm a big believer in herbs, and supplements in replacing traditional medicine, that usually does more harm than good, or has side effects. I also use a lot of home remedies for this and that. I use baking soda for all stomach and heartburn issues except for nausea, not good for that. I take vitamins every day to avoid certain conditions. Certain herbal teas are great for all kinds of ailments. When I get moved to the country here shortly, I am going to start growing my own herbs and learn how to dry flowers. I think it'll be fun.
  10. Richa94

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    Very informative post. I also used home remedies for treating certain ailments. But it is good to know about the properties other natural herbals also such as rosemary and honey, how they can be effective in treating certain diseases.
  11. JimLE

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    I ended up with 2 burnt fingertips from a muffler. So I got 2 slivers plants. Now it not only looks like its good for burns, sunburns, cuts n scrap's. But good for upset stomach's, digestive issue's to liver and/or kidney problems as well..its also good with honey n lemon juice. But yet. Not to often when it comes to eating the aloe Vera. On account it can be hard on the kidneys.
  12. Josh_Justsaihi

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    There are so many natural remedies ....i like this one....
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