Here It Is ...ishmaelites Run Wild...climate Change About Population Control...herding..

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by watcherchris, Nov 5, 2019.

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    I've been waiting for this to come out ...public.

    Someone texted me this as breaking news.....,.and I consider it a license to over come peoples national laws because of this emergency ….

    Also I have been saying for some time now that the ultimate goal is thinning out the population.....genocide or democide....take your pick.

    Many years ago...this used to be termed getting rid of "Useless Eaters."

    And now someone is calling for it world wide....on a scientific basis....population control.

    Be very very vigilant as to how many of your Democrat and Republican leaders are going to sign up onto this versus the Constitution of the United States.
    The MSM as well...and how they try to sell it to the American people to keep them as to cede willingly their Internationalism.

    This is to what I have been alluding the thread...

    "Why some people think climate change is not real."

    and also..

    International Law taking precedent over American Law

    With President Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords we have a similar condition to the USA pulling out of the League of Nations after WW1,

    This thing is going to flounder without the USA paying the bulk of the bills for breastfeeding this population control project.

    They are going to tell you how many children you can have and when.....if any and what sex as well. China anyone???

    Here you see the real goal of climate change...,population control...thinning out the herd...the ultimate herding scheme....or what in the 1960 through the 1980s use to be termed...getting rid of "Useless Eaters,"

    I have been alluding for some time now that the real goal of Climate Change is internationalism and bringing all governments and law under an International government and laws because of this emergency and ultimately population control...thinning the herd of Useless Eaters.

    This has been the plan for over 50 years is the UN plan as well.

    Ishmaelites run wild......

    Bewarned about your own leaders.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  2. watcherchris

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    bump thread..
  3. Dalewick

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    WatcherC, Most won't believe it and the liberal/socialist progressives will want it. Be careful what you wish for. I have been telling people that a unified world wide government body will have one primary goal. Population control. They have several hurdles to overcome before they can get in striking range, but the tools available to them should concern everyone. Science and tech advances may have more to do with global changes than we know.

    A couple of "events" that have made me suspicious (I have no proof and wouldn't want it if available) are:

    AIDS, the HIV virus. Human have been eating and living in close proximity to the primates for 1000's of years but it only in recent history that the disease made the (very rare in nature) jump to another species. Bad luck or scientific progress?

    Ebola and some hemorrhagic fevers developed quiet similarly to AIDS, in that it jumped from a known carrier to a new carrier...Humans. I'm not saying that over time viruses can't mutate and change host species. I am saying, what are the statistical probabilities of so many virus types changing so rapidly within the same century.

    There are others, but I already sound like enough of a fruit cake without throwing everything in the wash.

    I believe a one world government will need a catalyst for the worlds sheep to accept this. I believe they thought for awhile that climate change could be hyped and used as propaganda to accomplish there goals. I believe they are on the cusp of changing tactics. People come together in unity for only two things that I know of for sure. To fight or to fornicate. Sex won't cut it but war,...war gets people to pick sides quickly. We have the United Nations now because of the last big war. What would people scream for after another world war. Especially a war that leaves the world with massive crop losses and hunger, not to mention new diseases, water shortages and the worlds religions blamed for the war.

    I hope I am wrong. Completely wrong.

    I prep for TEOTWAWKI in case I'm right. Just my opinion.

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