Hf Antenna Is Now Back Up In The Air.....q5!!

Discussion in 'Other Advanced Survival Skills' started by watcherchris, Mar 11, 2018.

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    The high winds a little more than a week ago put my Long Wire Loop antenna in the dust.
    I spent a good part of this morning restringing it and re arranging the pulleys and spring suspension system.

    When completed I tried a local call on 11 meters with some people I know....it works fine.

    Then I called my friend out in Tennessee and we decided to meet on 40 meters.

    The Copy on 40 meters was not good...band conditions.

    We switched to 75 meters and the copy was much better. we were running less than 100 watts on both bands.

    But it is good to note that it is back working again.

    Hope to catch my friend later tonight on one of the 75 meter nets and then QSY to a frequency wherein it is usually a bit quieter.

    I figured if I did not take care of it today ..it would be another couple of weeks before I got off my backside to do it.

    Glad to be back Q5 again.

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