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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by MrsVanWinkle, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Hi, everyone! I'm Laura from Kentucky. This is my first time here. I'm interested in learning more about survival and prepping because I think those skills could be vital in the coming months or years. I don't really know a lot about wilderness survival, food storage, hunting, or anything like that, so I'm here to learn. I look forward to making a few friends and learning about how I can be better prepared for any kind of disaster that might happen. Thank you for having me!
  2. Moroccanbeauty2266

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    Hi Laura,
    Nice to meet you.
    I have been in this forum since about 2 months and am really enjoying it so far.
    I have been learning so many essential things already through this forum and I am sure you will find lots to learn as well.
    You are right, learning survival skills is very important!

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