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    Howdy Folks, I'm Blackfish. Been doing survival things, e.g., learning herbs, attending seminars, gathering supplies, reading, excursions, making bug-out bags, and bug-out bicycles, etc., for years. I like to keep things simple. I started getting into this out of necessity, but, as things turned out, I actually enjoy it!

    I returned to the United States from Thailand approx. eighteen months ago. I lived there for two years. Four months after my arrival, the Thai military launched a successful coup against the government and took the country overnight. It wasn't as much a big deal as some might think. The coup wasn't out to control the population and wreak havoc, as is often the case, but instead declared a curfew for two weeks, and went looking for troublemakers. They wanted the violence Thailand was experiencing at the time to stop. Well, they did manage to do that, for a while. The rest is pretty much history. Anyway, I got a taste of martial law. I once thought Thailand might be a good place to retire. I have since changed my mind. It's USA for this old boy, all the way, from here on out.

    Meantime, back in the USA (what's left of it anyway), and going through my gear, rekindling my passion for all things survival, I'm finding the need to replace many goods I had sold prior to leaving for Asia. I am working on that and things are going well.

    In other works, and with my Thailand plan SNAFU, it is time to find a new, better place to live. Currently, I reside in Las Vegas, NV. Not only is this one of the worst places to be when the SHTF, but it is already one of the worst places to live in the United States. And I don't even gamble! What am I doing here? Yikes! As for places to move, I am liking the look of the Dakotas, Montana, and Northern Arizona. I've got it narrowed down to these, with Eastern South Dakota my number one, so far. I have my reasons for that, but things could still change. I will need a new job upon arrival, and at age fifty two that is getting harder to do. I'm getting a lot of age discrimination. And that really does suck, especially since I am fit and have more energy than most twenty year olds. I'm a good guy to have around. Woo hoo! Also, with the political climate and volatile attitudes of the day being what they are, and with the rapidly changing demographic of our society, I think it a good idea to live the rest of my life in faraway places with wide open space all around me, getting more familiar with the land, water, flora, and fauna.

    That's my plan in a nutshell. Good to meet everyone, and I look forward to learning a lot on this forum. Meantime I hope your planning is going well! And hopefully we'll never have to use it for real!
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    Good introduction Blackfish. Welcome to this forum.
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    Hey Blackfish, good to meet you....greetings from Wales
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