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    Hi, I've been interested in prepping and being self sufficient for as long as I can remember. I have to say that I've been a lot more prepared for the "what-ifs" than and I am right now. Life just sort of happened and it got away from me. :( Now that I'm single and working full time as a teacher, I just don't have the time or resources for it. Well, until a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm trying to remember how to do everything and get my place in order. My bachelor's degree is in Natural Medicine and that isn't by chance. I enjoy learning plants are edible and which ones can be used for medicine and how. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands and the need is rather urgent, here I am. I live in rural south Mississippi, too close to N.O., Jackson, and Mobile. Just started a garden and thinking seriously about chickens. I do have a creek on my 3 acre property but thats about all its got going for it. :(
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    Welcome to this forum, from The Great State of Alaska.
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    Warm Welcome from the Arizona valley folks. USA
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    Just by searching out this site you've done more for yourself than 90% of the population. Glad to see a new member.
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    Good morning MBB,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    The journey or continued journey just needs the first step and your above post is just that.

    With some phase-in, a reallocation of time and resources will solve both these matters.

    Here, too, am into natural medicine. There are some experts here.

    A creek on 3 acres in south Mississippi ... ... ... It's far from being exiled to Siberia or Botany Bay !

    Again, a welcome to the Forum and returning to preparedness.
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    I to am from southern Mississippi . I was raised a bit farther south than you . I packed up my family and left that area after the second rape attempt on my daughter by someone threatening her with a pistol . That was the best decision I ever made . Me my now grown children and all my grandchildren now live on a property hidden away in the Ozarks . Welcome to the forum . In the upcoming S.H.T.F. situation I know you are sitting in a perilous situation . Perhaps you may find something on this forum that will help your survival potential . The garden is definitely a step in the right direction . Is the water in that creek drinkable or has run off chemicals from farms infected it ?
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    Welcome here ..... hollerin' at you from the Ouchitas in Arkansas. Nice that you have a creek, hope it is 'wet' enough to dig a swimmin' hole. Good luck with your efforts and nice to know about your degree, now we know who to ask before just poppin a leaf in our mouths.
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    You've already started a garden, excellent.

    On this site, Lord only knows how many gardening posts have been made -- hundreds and hundreds. Look'em up for reference. Because you live on the Gulf Coast, study gardening for your climate. Which garden veggies do well, which go to rot, which are destroyed by insects and grubs, such questions are ones for which you must find answers. Watch the pH of your soil, is it acid or base. Composted manure has grown healthy crops for millennia, still will, I know, I do use poo ... composted first. Dried horse sh## simply works. Soil must peculate, may? have to add sand. Peat moss helps. My ideas however are for another part of America. You get info for where you live.

    Each time you go to the grocery, buy some extra cans of food you like. Canned meats and tuna keep for a good while. Rice, noodles, dried beans keep on and on, especially if you put them in a jar with a oxygen absorber pack or two. Mylar bags, I have no experience with Mylar bags. Dried stuff, there's NO need for vacuum packing -- just get the O2 out of the container's atmosphere.

    You need a water purifier or three. You need a ceramic filter type then your common (readily available at any outdoors shop) activated charcoal filter type.

    Just never panic. As we look about in our country today we witness a bunch of panic. It does no one any good.

    Katadyn water filters are horribly expensive, yet they are simply the best. Having a clean water is priority #1 for human beings. Having a .357 doesn't mean much if you are dying of dysentery. One can filter water before sending it through the Katadyn; do this to lengthen the life of the unit's ceramic filter. Katadyn has some silver-lined parts, thus the expense, thus the effectiveness. Silver is BAD for bacteria.

    Here is a competitor for Katadyne:

    This Fresh Water Systems have replacement filters for sale online. There are bound to be several other competitors.

    Oxygen absorbers, sold by many. Here's one source:
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    Welcome from Missouri. Good to have you with us. I would suggest you hook up with Grizzleyette Adams. I think you would get along famously.
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