High School Outdoor Survival Program In News

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jan 15, 2020.

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    I totally agree. Unfortunately public schools these days seem to be more about propaganda and brainwashing the kids to a liberal mentality than preparing them for their future. The truth is though that this like so many things should be done by caring parents just as my Dad taught me so have I taught my kids and now my Grandbaby. She is 9 and loves making fires with her Paw Paw. Sadly these days parents seem to have as little intrest in preparing their kids as the schools.
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    They can barely teach the basic subjects now.
    Trying to teach "survival" would be a huge waste of money.
    That's what organizations like the Boy Scouts are for.
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    Good morning Snyper,

    Believe the Boy Scouts are being whittled down from their traditional organization position as a national institution. BSA provided A+ programs that I participated in. It's changed now.

    True, the schools are failures for even the basic subjects but I'm impressed with the new "charter schools" that are working.

    As an aside, the BSA has a merit badge "Emergency Preparedness". The merit badge's pamphlet is one of the best written emergency - focused documents I've read. It's superior to the counterpart FEMA pams.
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