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    If you are going on a hike or bike ride, one of the first things you should do is let somebody know where you will be. Another great item for you to have is a personal GPS device that could be activated should you find yourself in an emergency situation. This will give you a piece of mind of knowing that if something should happen to you, you will not be left out in the cold.

    Making sure to have plenty of food and water is another essential thing when you are hiking or bike riding. During these times of activities you will be burning more calories, and therefore, you will dehydrate quicker. Especially if the temperatures are hot. Remember in temperatures over 38 degrees Celsius you should consume an average of 1 liter of water every hour that you are active.

    When hiking or biking it is also a great idea to keep a first aid kit on you at all times. Emergency snake bite kits along with the basic first aid tools to help stop bleeding such as gauze bandages and sometimes even sewing needle and thread are a great asset to anybody's first aid kit whether you are biking or hiking. If you are biking make sure to bring things such as a toolkit to work on your bike that way should something happen to you, you can hopefully fix it yourself on the spot and be on your way.
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    A sewing needle and thread are totally not needed unless you are acting out some movie scene!
    Any wound that is big enough to need stitche's also needs to be COMPLETLY CLEAN before any stitching is attempted
    A little FAK won't do that! Do you really want to sew in dirt and germs to fester inside a closed wound?

    If there still ambulances and hospitals you just pack tight and transport to hospital! Once bleeding is stopped the immediate emergency is done!
    If there will not be an ambulance or hospital available in the next day or two you still pack it and in 24 hours or so you unpack and clean as best you can!
    After 24hours any non viable stuff in there will have changed and will show up, cut/clean it up and pack again!
    If still no hospital after 48hours check and clean again, by now it should be clean proper and can be left to heal itself or stitched to reduce scaring!

    A number 15 compression bandage or two would be far more useful than sutures!
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    Totally agree. I prefer biking. It is really wise to have back up gears and first aid kids when you try to go solo biking.
    But I prefer to do it with a group or a friend or two.
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    I agree with all, let me just give an advice in case something happens, let's say if you get lost, you need to be prepared for every situation, get some extra food if you can, be sure that your GPS is 100% functional and be extra careful with where are you going, specially on hikes, that's all I can say.
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