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Discussion in 'Going Off The Grid' started by Schattentarn, Jul 6, 2019.

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    By this I mean those large batteries now sold as back-ups for your home should the grid go down. I live on the north side of a mountain and solar is out. Does anyone know something about this type of battery? How long they last, are they safe, etc.??? Solar stores are selling these now along with their roof solar systems. I am just interested in plugging the battery into the wall, charging it up, and using it in an emergency only.
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    I would not dismiss the option of using solar to charge the batteries, you do not have to be in full sunlight for solar to work. Even on overcast days, our batteries still get some charge.
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    I think a lot depends on how much power you need, and how long you think you will need it. I have a battery like the one you described. You plug it into the wall to charge it. I believe it has two 110 outlets, so if the power was out you could plug in a couple of small appliances, but it won't run a refrigerator. These are comparable to car batteries adapted for home use, and you can get them at Wally World. For short term use I could plug in a fan and a lamp mostly for my wife, and it would last for a few hours.

    This article offers good info on comparisons and life span, but doesn't give any costs. Hope this helps.

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    Site tagged and bookmarked. Thanks for the post and the link.
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