Homemade Stun Gun (Taser)

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  1. joshposh

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    I almost bought a taser off the street for about $10 usd. I was inches away from buying one. I think it was a good deal as it was a flashlight that had a stun gun feature in it.

    But if it is illegal to own one in your country, then this is a cheap alternative. There are other videos that will show you how to build a more powerful version made to immobilize a threat. This little thing is more of a crowd control device.

  2. Endure

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    Easier to use as a critical self defense measure than a firearm, you can immobilize a threat without many problems. It was a good deal for 10$ a flashlight with stun gun feature in it.
  3. joshposh

    joshposh Expert Member

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    A 90 year old individual will not be able to perform magic feats of immobilizing martial arts. In self defense in any form, you take the advantage, and neutralize the threat by any means necessary.
  4. Harrysung

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    I am lover of electrical diy, luckily, I have one of these rackets lying around, I must check try this, probably increase the voltage too.
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