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    What is homesteading, and why does it matter today?
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    Homestead I believe is an American/Australian term, it usually means a place that is out of the city. It may be owned, which is usual, or it may be rented. It may be off grid but it may also be on mains power & all services. It is generally accepted that a homesteader grow most of their own food & may or may not keep livestock. Basically as I understand it it simply means a place in the country.
    Living off grid is a different kettle of fish, though it may be a part of homesteading.
    This is how I understand it.
    For me personally living out of town is important because I/we are more self reliant & sustainable. We are off grid & off all services except the phone & the internet. We are able to grow our own food, & if a TEOTWAWKI situation should arise that can be survived, then we will be able to survive it. Our three sons were raised off grid & this has given them a good insight into this lifestyle & they have learnt many skills that will hold them in good stead. These insights & skills they are now passing on to our grandchildren.
    Having a homestead that we own means that our family has always got a safe place to come to if everything goes to hell in a hand cart. They know to come home if anything goes wrong.
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    Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by home preservation of food stuffs and subsistence agriculture! It may also involve the small scale production of textiles and craft work for household use or sale. And if you want more information then is a place to learn homesteading and build a sane, earth-based lifestyle!
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