Hot Tubs And Water Safety For Prepper Use

Discussion in 'Efficient Living' started by Pragmatist, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Good afternoon all,

    Efficient living also involves defeating boredom concurrent with relaxing. At one's BOP a hot tub can be ideal for relaxing. It can be fueled with scrap wood from grounds.

    However, ...

    The water can become home to harmful bacteria, amongst other things.

    The above link tells of some hot tubs on display at the North Carolina state mountain fair. The water contained the bacteria causing Legionnaire's Disease. There is a linkage but article did not elaborate on how the bacteria entered the tub.

    For a Prepper's research, the North Carolina Div of Public Health and CDC would be a place to start. I use their Virginia counterpart and have, overall, received helpful guidance for my research.


    During this media frenzy scare about the epidemic/pandemic, I wouldn't enter a hot tub. This is not because of safety but rather what's called the "conditioned response" . Think of Ivan Pavlov (died as recently as 1936) and his dogs. I got conditioned in the 1950s with the polio scare and not to enter swimming pools.


    Actually, as time continued, my tub has been converted to set up a portable, battery-fired hot shower when SHTF or worse.
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    It's always safe to be safe!
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    So they weren't using the daily dosage of proper chemicals in the water or what? There's a reason why you need to use a plethora of chemicals and maintain a certain PH (Potential of Hydrogen) to ward off bacteria, etc.
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