How Did Your Garden Do?

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  1. arctic bill

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    How did your garden do?
    I wrote a piece in the spring about what people were planting , this is how i made out
    I planted potatoes and they started off great. but then something happened and they
    did not look so good so i dug up some plants. Voles (Myodes) are small, stocky rodents similar to field mice. had started to eat all my potatoes. i got pissed off and just left them. last week i dug some up
    and now they are fine. I will harvest a good crop of those red potatoes.
    I also planted beets, kale. endives, broccoli, they came up nice then i left for a few days,
    when i got back Canada geese had gotten to this part and eat the tops off of the plants.
    I have up a huge scarce crow and that stopped that , It took a while but the plants did recover .
    My green and yellow beans were fantastic if fact i tried to double harvest from the same field.
    I replant early august and they are now up about a foot , hope i can get another harvest
    before the frost and snow come sometime in October.
    so if you but up a garden this year how did it do ?
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  2. Alaskajohn

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    My garden did well this year with some lessons learned.

    Our vegetable garden exceeded our expectations. Radishes, carrots, kale, spinach, various lettuce, herbs and rhubarb all produced in abundance. Next year I will be adding a new bed dedicated to carrots based on how well they did.

    My Alaskan sourced Yukon Gold potato seed potatoes produced large and abundant potatoes. I intended to keep them in the ground for another week, but Sunday morning temps got down to 28 so we decided it was time to pull them out. We made our our seed potatoes from last years crops of Yukon, and several varieties of red and purple potatoes that were all great producers. We planted those with the reds and purples doing well, but the Yukon seed potatoes didn’t produce so well. Next year we will only used the Alaskan sourced Yukon gold seed potatoes as these make up about 60% of what we want to produce and store. We had problems last year with a marmot family who made residency under my potato beds last year. My beagle took care of the issue this spring, so no crop loss.

    While the blueberries, low and high bush cranberries, raspberries, crow berries, etc are all wild, we do spend time during the year to improve the growing conditions in the fields above our property where we harvest them. We had a goal of freezing 10 gallons of blueberries and 5 gallons each of the other berries. With the early frost we may fall a bit short on the blueberry goal. All except the raspberries freeze well for use in smoothies. We are doing some experiments this year to see if we get better results with frozen raspberries.

    Arctic Bill, based on your report I may add endives as the wife loves these. We were already talking about adding beens.
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  3. arctic bill

    arctic bill Master Survivalist

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    Nothing like picking fresh green and yellow beans and boiling them then add butter and salt.
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