How Does One Know If Things Are Getting "kind'a Bad"?

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    Here is one I caught when it came out a couple of days ago...

    This confirms the Left's penchant for violence...encouraging and even demanding violence....manipulating conditions for violence while declaring they are not so doing.
    All the time ...blaming others.

    More manufacturing of a "Bad Guy " while encouraging violence.

    I believe this Virginia Governor...encouraged and manipulated events at Charlottesville, Virginia to allow and permit...violence to take place for news and the "Manufacturing of a Bad guy."
    Now here he is doing the same by encouraging violence by way of the President of the United States....for grandstanding purposes. While saying he is not so doing.

    This confirms to me that the same pattern took place in Charlottesville under his office...and leadership.
    This Ishmaelite cannot change his spots.

    I don't remember a time past where a public official would so do in an interview....

    This is not leadership.

    This is one index to me of conditions becoming bad/worse....particularly at a leadership level.

    This is what you would expect of Jihadis..and Imams from the Mosque....not American Leaders. What religion is this Governor serving???

    This is not American leadership...

    Ishmaelites....seeking by sleight of hand to put others into creating/manufacturing conditions for violence.
    This is a revolutionary ..not a governor.

    To me the religion this governor is serving is revolutionary violence.

    This is evidence that things are getting worse...particularly among leadership.

    My .02,

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    Thank you so much Geezer that is the funniest thing that I've read in weeks! Can you imagine! That liberal SOB got robbed by his own constituents in a city with the most stringent gun control laws possible. What ultamate idiocy.
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    The empowered Leftist elite, including McAuliffe, brought in hundreds, maybe 2000(?), bad boys into Charlettesville to confront 50 to 100 right-wingers protesting General Lee's statue being brought down. Listen, there would have been ZERO violence otherwise. Trust me on this, the right-wingers were dweebs. The old Klan would have laughed at them. These guys looked like they needed pocket-protectors and horn rim glasses. Dweebs, I tell you. And they needed the shields they brought with them -- they were getting hit with bricks, chunks of concrete, & pop bottles that had been filled with mortar and left to harden.

    The Antifa response was paid for by Leftist deep pockets -- think about transportation costs, food costs, ... it was organized. McAuliffe was, I think, in the courthouse building when the confrontations/injuries/death events began. He was planning on a speech that would make political hay out of the events, then uh-oh!, the #### hit the fan. His handlers hustled him out'a Charlottesville in a New York minute -- there are photos. I gots me contacts in C.ville, ya mann. What the Leftists were planning turned into a cluster-f### and people got hurt, got killed. The press quickly built the false story that the right-wingers were the source of violence = BIG lie. The Antifa and BLM were the source of the violence = end of story. Actually BLM was there for a bit of fun, beating whitey and such -- friend of mine in C.ville sent me a video of some of the latter.

    The Emergency Department at UVa Hospital (just down the street) had its hands full.

    Knowing what I know, when I read the falsified stories about Charlottesville, I get mad.
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    So when I first read that article, I had a mental double-take. My mind must have rejected the first read -- "too good to be true" phenomenon, maybe. But then it soaked in -- this actually happened; I had to check other sources to make sure this wasn't an April Fools joke printed in January.

    Your statement, "What ultimate idiocy," sums it up. Idiocy = they should have known not to go there without police escort. I mean, when the cops themselves go in, they have one or more squad cars behind them to cover their own 6-o'clock. How ultimately out-of-touch! And that the very people who would vote for him were the muggers ... precious. I had to share the story. My wife almost busted a vein laughing.
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    Olde Geezer,

    Though it has been years since I've read these books...I have not forgotten the outline of what I read concerning events in Europe in the 1830s through 1914 and the manufactured chaos behind many of them and even leading to WW1....via organized sponsored Revolution/anarchy....paid for and financed by someone.

    And If I am reading the history correctly ...this includes the 1917 Russian Revolution paid for and financed from outside powerful monied interests.

    These two books are ...

    Secret Societies and Subversive Movements
    by Nesta Webster.


    Occult Theocracy
    by Edith Starr Miller.....aka Lady Queensborough

    Described in these books is the pattern we see in the organization today of Antifa...but this took place in the 1800 and is a type of covered up history ...never taught in public schools and colleges.

    My read of history is that this was also going on in America and lead up to the American Civil people organizing and agitating for war....but never covered in the history books.

    I only learned some of the details behind the American Civil reading books like...

    The South Was James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy


    The Tragic Era ..Claude G. Bowers

    As is usual in public school history ...much has been politically altered or ignored for purposes of properly "Herding" Americans to not think for themselves.

    Nonetheless...I see history repeating itself...and knowing what little history I do..I can see people like our Virginia Governer becoming a radical agitator ...a way of reading these books and recognizing the pattern. Antifa too ...following an olde and ancient pattern of anarchy and revolution...and again financed by monied interest operating behind the scenes...not wanting to be seen or known.

    And certain out of the mainstream books will tell you...."Ordo Ob Chao." ...order out of chaos.

    Create the chaos and then bring in the new order.

    You will not learn this in public schools or colleges as well....nor about Ishmael and Isaac.

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    Olde Geezer,

    I've posted this on several sites concerning Ishmael and Issac...but not sure if I have so done on this one.

    I bring this up ...for the purpose of explaining to those with any kind of Bible background....for mostly they would understand the world context I am going to use....if they are truly Believers.

    I knew for many years that something was going on and for which many people and teachers were dancing around the crux of it.

    What I did not realize for many many years was that the answer was always in front of me....from The Word...not from secular sources so prevalent today.

    What the Left....and also the phony right...the Deep State...the NWO types are trying to do in this world is to build a world ....

    A world in which "The Children of the bondwoman..."Shall be Heir" with the Children of the free woman."

    This is my "Awakening " from realizing what it is stated in Galatians Chapter Four about the Two Covenants by way of the two boys...from Abraham...Ishmael and Issac.

    There in The states.."For the children of the bondwoman (Ishmael from Hagar) shall not be heir with the children of the freewoman.(Isaac from Sarah)

    The line...the lineage...the heritage..the inheritance is through Isaac... not through Ishmael.

    Someone with another religion and another trying to substitute Ishmael for Isaac....even to get rid of the entire line of Isaac and replace it with Ishmael.

    This is what the phony two party system is doing in this country and also politics throughout the world.

    This is what is being promoted in our public schools through college levels.

    Until Trump....this is what most of our leaders have been promoting....silently ..secretly ...Ishmael and not Isaac.

    If you understand this...deep your soul.. will also understand the vitriol against Trump and Company....for they are after Isaac...and not Ishmael.

    Occult Luciferianism....the religion behind most of Ishmael...and not Isaac.

    This is also quietly what is being promoted into our public schools under the guise of atheism.

    I know this because one of the facets of runaway Occult Luciferianism and other Occult religions is runaway, rabid, zealous sexuality of all kinds. And this is what is being promoted in public enlightenment.
    What they are really doing is stealing the very childhood from our children before their time. Bringing our children into adulthood before their time.
    They are soul stealers and few Americans recognize that this is going on.
    I would not have recognized this aspect of Occult Luciferianism for myself had not a very perceptive woman explained this to me. And she was quite the X ring.

    Ishmael is the spreading of Occult Luciferianism...under many guises..all of them some form or variation of chaotic.....across this land to replace and get rid of the line of Isaac...

    It says..."In Isaac shall thy seed be called" .....not in Ishmael.

    For Ishmael is a form of bondage .."with her children." Violence, chaos, bondage is the goal...for the purpose of replacing Isaac with Ishmael.

    They are trying to prepare the world for the return into the religion of the Ishmaelites...and until that small area known as Israel on the coast of the Mediterranean was the dominant religion throughout the world.

    This....Olde "The Ever War."

    And it has been going on from the Garden of Eden unto today..and continues.

    If you understand what I am describing will understand from a different perspective as to how things are getting bad out here....why the 180 degree flip flop in most things and concepts in how we were raised....and why it was so.


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    I don't know about the other one but Secret Societies and Subversive Movements by Nesta Webster is crap. Just because something isn't any of your business that doesn't make it a secret. I ain't gonna give you a blow by blow about what happens in my bedroom but that doesn't mean that I'm doing anything wrong. Based on that idea then the confessional in any church must be a den of iniquity and evil for sure. Using that sort of ignorant belief then ANYTHING that you don't want to share with the entire world MUST be evil. Bull$hi+!!
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    What goes on in your bedroom is your business..not the publics business.

    Also I do not believe in the confessional....your confessions are between you and whom "You " choose to confess or not confess...and not a man per a confessional. The confessional is a crock...and goes back to Ancient Babylon.

    What concerns me in particular is the olde woman brought to my attention ...the government pimping out our children's sex and sexuality to government control and regulation.

    I do not have to tolerate another's sex or sexuality..under any guise if I so choose...I can accept or reject them for my reasons...not someone else's reasons.

    I do not approve of the manner in which our government is trying to Herd our children and grandchildren into sex and sexuality before they are mature sufficient to handle it. In this, to me, they are stealing the childhood innocence of our children...or put another way...pimping them out to their version of adulthood. Binging them into adulthood before their time...even steeling from them their childhood.

    Any adult who knows....does not ever define who and what they are by their sex or sexuality.
    A human being is defined historically by their Name/Lineage...their occupation....or some great work they have done and left to posterity.
    Never by their sex or sexuality...sexual orientation.

    Again this is a secret that the government so obviously avoids and does not want anyone to think about out here while they busily try to " herd" us by guilt politics and guilt manipulation.

    And stupidly enough we have groups out here for which this is their sole clam to fame and recognition ..their sex and sexuality,....sexual orientation.
    One has to be educated to be that giftedly stupid.
    Ordinary people are not that stupid.

    And governments do this for the votes they can get ...guaranteed from these groups.

    This is one of the "Secrets" going on out here..and is pimping out our children and grandchildren.

    I am not speaking here against sex or sexuality per se..but the stupid which has infected it today.

    Also...another hidden sidelight for which I see...going on all across this nation...via sex and sexuality...but never taught that sex and sexuality tends to deceive many into thinking they are more mature than they really are about this world and how it works.....even "Entitled"

    And I believe this is one of the planned outcomes of what is going on....a secret if you like. A secret for which someone does not want most Americans to realize for themselves.

    Also case you do not know.....many of these "Secret Societies" have their ancient origins going back to the Ancient Fertility cults/cultures/practices in many of the pagan nations. They worshiped the fertility practices back in those days.
    They would make Playboy and Hustler look like kindergartens today.

    Wow Texdanm!!!

    What I get out of both Nesta Webster's book and also Edith Starr Millers book these secret movements in history being run to a conclusion in many countries which wound up in a persecution called "Democide."

    Or put another way...death by ones own government.

    This is what happened in the French Revolution wherein it turned into a bloodbath via the Guillotine.

    This is scrupulously avoided in most history books if the French Revolution is ever covered at all.

    In some books and accounts it is called "The First Scientific Revolution." What a disgusting irony.

    The "Communist Revolution" of October 1917 is a continuation of "The French Revolution" or what ultimately came out of it. seldom hear the word "Democide" spoken about anywhere ..including those whores from the MSM who claim to be looking out for us and not spinning.

    They are obviously in on the secret by way of ignorance peddling. So too our public schools.

    Gotta run...thanks for your post,

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    Secret.....kept from many of we know some history ....

    Heraclitus Geek Philosopher. Most of us have never heard of him.

    "Strife is Justice"

    Related to Thesis , anti thesis, synthesis...via George Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel...

    We see this embodied in todays group called Antifa....

    I have also seen this embodied in the words.."Ordo Ob Chao" Order from Chaos.

    And right next to Ordo Ob Chao...was also...."Deus Meumque Jus"

    "God is my right...what I want is god."

    When one puts the two together is quite startling of what they are speaking and goes right back to Heraclitus...and also Hegel.

    But one would not know this if one knew little to no history ...nor would the MSM or most of public education be likely to bring this to our attention.

    As I am want to say and often.....todays strife management has resulted in Democide...death by ones own government. This is seen over and over and over ....since the French Revolution and particularly in "Scientific Times." Times of Wisdom/Knowledge/Enlightened men of letters running things.

    There is a terrible secret kept from us today for which it is never desired for people to know or connect the dots going way back into see from whence these operational philosophies originate...and bear fruit today.
    Thus one would never recognize them as they are happening can thus be more easily herded.

    Antifa and other recent groups are the latest embodiment of this....going back to too is radical Islam.


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    The crap that drives me crazy is the idea that Freemasonry is a secret society. It is only a secret to illiterate idiots. Most towns where I live have a sign at the city limits welcoming people that tells them there is a masonic lodge in town. Masons all over wear rings declaring their affiliation and many have a square and compass decal on their cars. In most smaller towns the Masonic lodge is near the center of town with a big sign. The masonic lodge builds hospitals for crippled children and burn victims where they receive free care. Yeppers they are a secretive lot!!!!

    The rites and business of the lodge isn't secret, it is private. Any good man that wants to know more only needs to ask. The masonic lodge is hated by the Catholic church and liberals in general because it is based on something that they both despise...HONOR.

    I am a Freemason. The night that I was raised to the Masters degree my Father was there, the man that was my best man at my wedding was there and the minister of my Methodist church was there. That was a very special thing for me. I was 22 years old and what it meant was that the people that I had admired most in my life had accepted me as not just a man but as an honorable man.

    Let me tell you what honor means. Honor means that you do what is right even when nobody else knows and it may not be something that is to your advantage. Honor means that you will always protect and care for the women and children not just of your brothers but ALL women and children. Honor means that when you see wrong being done you don't turn your back on it. You act! Honor means that you don't spread bastard children all over the place uncared for and unsupported. Honor means that you stop and help people when you see them in need. Honor means that you don't make promises that you can't keep and you keep the ones you make.

    The purpose of the Masonic Lodge is not to gather together perfect men. It is a place for good men that want to be better and to be the best possible men that they can be. In the Lodges a bond of trust is created. It is no real wonder to me that when the founders of this great country plotted the revolution seeking to free America from a tyrannical political system based on kings and queens many of them turned to the people that they trusted most. YES the USA and the system of Democracy had the mark of freemasonry all over it. The bill of rights and much of the Declaration of Independence comes from what honorable Freemasons thought was right and those opinions were written into it all.

    The are no secrets in Freemasonry. Some of it is private and not your business unless you are a mason but I can answer nearly any question you have. We are terrible people, we place honor above almost everything. that means that we are rather unforgiving of people that mistreat children or women or those that would protect those people. We don't accept excuses for or from evil. For us respect is something EARNED and not freely given just because you are breathing.

    The Masonic Lodges in America like a lot of the other Lodges in the past like The Woodsmen and the Oddfellows became strong because in the past there wasn't anything like life insurance for the average people. Men worried about their families and what would happen to them if they died or were killed. Lodges were formed for this and our first duties as Masons is to care for the widows and orphans of our Brothers.

    The first order of business at every meeting is a report on those we have promised to care for. When you are entrusting the care and protection of your loved ones into the hands of others you want them to be the best people possible. Lodges were how men in the past tried to protect their loved ones even after they were gone. We are taught though that while we might especially take care of our brothers families we are also honor bound to try and help any and all in need of help and protection.

    If you got questions ask. There are no secrets.
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    I thought you might be a Freemason. Something you said awhile back about your employment resume gave me a clue. No problem.


    I don't necessarily I know about the Catholic Knights of Malta and also the Knights of Columbus.
    I also know a bit about the history of the Society of Jesus..or Jesuits...even Opus Dei.

    There is a historic struggle which has gone on for many centuries between Catholics and Protestants and is still going on and unbeknownst to many who are otherwise occupied and deliberately so....with nonsense fed to them for just this reason ...distraction.

    I don't trust both the Catholics and Protestants in this. I also think much of history has been deleted/altered from our thinking and again...deliberately so.

    What I got from Edith Starr Millar...and her book Occult Theocracy....and to my surprise was the awakening that the Irish Orangeman were a Masonic Lodge. Occult Theocracy only verified this for me. Nesta Webster only touched briefly on this...Edith Starr Miller ...much more in depth.

    And so too is Sean Finn...the Irish Catholic group ....a Lodge.

    What slapped me in the face was watching the news one night and they covered a parade in Northern Ireland with the Protestant Orangemen parading on the streets going by a historical Catholic neighborhood dressed in their traditional garb/uniform. Top hats , Tuxedos, Gloves,,,,medallions across their chest.

    I had seen them in these newsreels in dozens of previous coverage ...but on that day I suddenly came out of my stupor/daze/sleep and realized I was watching a lodge.

    The Irish conflict is two lodges fighting against each other..and have been for a long long time.
    As Edith Starr Miller points out that this conflict goes back to somewhere in the 1600s and a group called The Peep O day Boys.

    The Revolutions in Italy and Europe were often done by their leaders who were Freemasons....on some level of support..Gusseppi Mazzini..and Francisco Garibaldi. This eventually resulted in the take over of the Vatican in 1870.. and a parade which is only covered in certain selected histories.......another piece of history missing from the knowledge of most people. You have to dig for this history. This was a struggle between Catholic and Protestant lodges.

    This is nothing more than the continuation of this struggle between Protestants and Catholics which goes on quietly today...well below the radar or knowledge of most people.

    By the way....this also caused me to take a closer look at Roman well...much well as the Greek Orthodox Churches.

    I found that many of these are not as advertised.

    I would like very much to know what is contained in the Vatican Library in the section not opened to the public.

    The Average Freemason is not a bad individual ...nor a conspirator per se...but when called upon to carry out their oath...they must so do ...and in secret.

    I have seen this at work in court...once I learned some of the signs and even seen a court case turn around.
    In this case the cut throat sign of the first degree was used to signal the judge.

    I was so ignorant as to believe that I had done something by learning some of the steps, signs, and words...but over time realized that this was not it....not what really mattered...what really counted. I was so ignorant it took me a couple of years to fully realize what I had seen.

    What counts for the the knowledge that a Judge takes a public oath to be fair and impartial and to uphold the law.
    But in private they take a secret oath to be unfair and come to the aide of a brother or sister in private/secret.

    The Constitution of the United States requires fairness and impartiality.
    The Constitution of the United States cannot survive this kind of partiality dwelling within it. And many of these people have been our leaders.

    And not just the United States ..but any other country wherein this goes on.

    This line of thinking will never be taught in public schools because they are in on what is going on across this nation and has been for many many years now. And someone out there needs the profane to be severely dumbed down.

    I have dealt with two Freemasons at work ...under oath who told me basically what you have told just ask.

    And so day I came up to them different times and places...with a series of questions one question built on the answer to the previous question.

    I asked them about the nature of the confusion ..the chaos which is so obviously going on out here....wherein the average American constantly loses and takes steps backwards in their monies and liberties.....politically, socially, and economically.

    I asked them whether this ignorance of things can be deliberately done ....and hidden from Americans..history and understanding rewritten....unto chaos.

    They said...Yes.

    I asked them historically that since this seems to be happening over and is a design...a plan...even a devout and zealous plan...towards a goal...a destination....a religious zeal in reaching this goal.
    Is that what it is ...a type of devout religious zeal...???

    They said.....yes.

    This cannot be an accident ..but a design???

    They said ....Yes.

    And then I asked them.....

    Give me the name of the author of confusion ....of chaos...this designer????

    And both of them had the same or similar of being stunned...

    This conversation was one for which they were not prepared. I was never supposed to know sufficient to go that far.

    Both of them stated to me that they could not...that they were under oath. They had taken an oath.

    Now I am here to tell you ....Texdanm.....It is a strange thing when someone cannot give you the name of their god.
    Very strange.

    Are all Freemasons like ...not at all.
    I believe many simply do not know and have never come under certain tutelage sufficient to think this far.

    I have heard W. Bush in his speeches speaking of the Great too his father.

    So far I have not heard this about Trump....but when I can I listen closely.

    I am aware that Mormonism is clandestine Masonry....I know about Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrim.

    I am also aware of the practice of Talmudism....from Judiasm.

    When you deal with a Talmudic are dealing with a Mason....a double for Jews and one for the Profane...the outsiders.

    Most people never know this kind of thing exists.

    And In a book such as "Morals and Dogma " by Albert Pike see the word Talmud over and over...thus causing me to look in depth as to exactly what a Talmud was and

    Islam ...Talmudic...a set of rules for insiders...Islamic's...and a set of rules for outsiders/heritics....A Talmud.

    The RCC....their believers and then heritics. set of rules for insiders and a set of rules for the outsiders.


    I know this for the Truth it is because Martin Luther King taught .... "By the content of their character...not by the colour of their skin."

    And what is the media, politics, and the race baiters and race haters teaching for "Enlightenment" today??

    They are teaching the exact reverse.... "By the content of their skin colour ..not the content of their character."

    This 180 degree demonic flip flop tells me all I need to know about the Democrat and Republican parties, the phony news well as public education pimping this religion across this land and towards Civil War....chaos.

    There are people across America who have been for many many years now teaching this line of understanding....of thinking to slowly awaken Americans teach them to spot a "Pattern" going on all about them...and to contrast this with The Word...and what is in it.

    What has happened to many people is the awakening to the understanding that this world is not what we think it is..and it is being kept from the understanding and knowledge of most of us.
    Our History is also not what most of us think it is.

    Well enough of that Texdanm.

    I hold no particular animus for a Freemason...nor a Jew, nor Muslim, nor Mormon and others. Life is to short for that kind of constant weight.

    I am just aware in a manner for which most people haven't a clue....that there is in practice out here...the Talmudic religion of the Secret....the Occult....the Adepts verses the Profane...and of which most of the Profane haven't a clue what is really going on.
    So comfortable and deceived are they in their distractions and "Amusements" to prevent thinking.

    And this religion goes way way back into ancient history.

    By the way....speaking of history ....I am aware ...only at a tangent....that it seems someone was very want to loot the Bagdad museum of certain relics when the country fell.
    I would like to know in particular for what they were seeking. Also to know what the Vatican is concealing in their museums and libraries.

    As result of this reading of out of the mainstream road of history I have been, for some time now, suspecting that many important pieces/relics of history are in private collections...many more than are in public museums.

    Well ...nonetheless...Thanks for your time and post.
    Gotta run here...lots to do today.

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    How do we know things are getting bad ...again...

    Another repeat with more and more intensity and with the "Usual Suspects" clim bing on the bandwagon to find Americans once again guilty of some kind of moral trespass or lacking in some character trait for being very pro 2nd Amendment.

    That Somehow Pro 2nd Amendment Americans are lacking...and in particular the NRA are guilty and complicit in what happened in the state of Florida with the recent shooting in the school.

    We see the usual suspects jumping on the bandwagon with the same olde emotionial tired lines ...and trying to put people on the emotional being guilty .....

    I call this "Emotional Masterbation....political emotional masturbation.... Pardon the Crudity.

    Now watch carefully the political like ..the guilt technique used or misused by Nancy Pelosi here....from this recent title on Breitbart News Network today.

    "We Cannot Let the National Rifle Association Decide ‘the Character of America"

    Really!!!??? This is what is passing for intellect and intelligence on the left today. Really!!??

    We can let these groups decide the character of America and Americans????

    But we can let BLM decide the Character of America.

    But we can let Antifa decide the character of America.

    But we can let the LGBT and other sexual groups decide the character of America.

    But we can let the feminist groups decide the character of America.

    But we can let the anti gun lobby define the character of America.

    But we can let the lying deceitful MSM decide the character of America.

    But we can let the NFL define the character of America.

    These groups are not America or Americans...but if you stop thinking for yourself and get caught up in the emotional moments by can be easily deceived. This is why it is so important for these anti 2nd Amendment groups to come out running whenever an incident like Florida happens and to try to frame their points without most people catching on.

    When you catch on realize these people are the king with no clothes.....but they are counting on the runaway emotions of unthinking people raised on a diet of movies and television to substitute for individual thinking.

    These people on the left are predators..on peoples unguarded emotions.

    Be Warned....Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are not educated individual thinking Americans...they are predators.....feeding off peoples unguarded emotions in order to herd Americans into their prison...under their control.
    To limit Americans freedoms and liberties.

    But to me what is worse.....with all this going on...the Republicans are totally silent on all of this . This tells me that the Republicans are in on on the scam. The Republicans are part of the their silence.

    This is how an Ishmaelite put others into bondage while they operate freely.

    From this Breitbart article today...

    My .02,

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    "Earthquakes have already struck in Japan, Tawain, Guam and Indonesia in the past few weeks.

    "Thorne Lay, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at UC Santa Cruz, said: 'Based on the clustering of earthquakes in space and time, the area that has just slipped is actually more likely to have another failure.'

    "He added that 'the surrounding areas have been pushed towards failure in many cases, giving rise to aftershocks and the possibility of an adjacent large rupture sooner rather than later.' "
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    Olde Geezer,

    I often listen to a lecture series of some 72 lectures titled..."The Ever War."

    This is a lengthy series of lectures on lots of topics current to religion , economics politics and even science.

    One of the things occasionally covered in this series is "The Ring of Fire" and the changes or rate of changes concerning this "Ring of Fire."

    What the author states about this Ring of that the rate at which the changes are taking place are becoming more frequent. He gives a number of reasons for this....but I found this kind of thing to be interesting.

    The West coast and Yellowstone activity events are the ones for which I am concerned.

  16. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    I don't have anything to do with secret societies or subversive elements, I generally mind my own business and do my own thing.
    I think the first thing we will see to focus the mind is when business no longer has the capability to carry on, filling stations will be empty, so will the stores and even then it will only be when the power goes off that anyone will sit up and take notice, at least in my country it will, but by then its already too late for most people.
  17. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    You guys in the UK just got a tiny temblor, a 4.4. In my neighborhood, we get earthquakes of this magnitude every so many hours. We call them coal trains -- they'll go a mile long and be carrying twenty million tons of coal. They shake the Earth -- and your home's foundation -- for a few minutes. Looking at the walls of my house, I note numerous cracks. Southern Appalachia = coal.

    I like your criteria of the electricity goes off. Tennessee Valley Authority power is iffy. Where I'm living now, just north thereof, is a bit more reliable, save in ice storms. But when the power goes off, you'll start smelling wood burning -- people have wood stoves and kerosene lamps and kerosene heaters. Many gas stations have above-ground tanks of clean white kerosene for home use. The power going off here is a royal bother, however not apocalyptic.

    In this most recent house, I've rigged my big fireplace for cooking. Put hotdogs on the grill therein two weeks ago. We used to go three days to a week without power when our kids were still little. Those spates were ... yes ... a royal bother. You just pile everybody, two dogs, and a few lit candles into one room. Light a kerosene lamp and go tend the stove ...

    In the cities of America, the loss of electricity is a major event. True, many people have gas stoves, however their controls are electronic. Everything is electronic. One hour without power and these folk start patting their feet nervously. Addiction? Yes, and then some!

    When some geologic event or war or fill-in-the-blank shuts the power off for weeks, the megalopolis-areas of America will devolve into chaos. Our Homeland Security forces will NOT be able to deal with the consequences.

    Speaking of geologic events and gas pipelines within cities, add the two together and you get fires and explosions from hell. Google "gas pipeline rupture earthquake explosion".

    Here is the aftermath of just one ( 1 ) gas-line detonation:

    Here are images Google tosses up on such a search. These images are instructional, because when the earthquakes really get going, this is what will happen:

    Even though I'm no Brit, I can well imagine that London would get very crazy were its power grids to shut down for a few weeks. Forget months.

    Can't fix this situation in Western countries. Urbanites are now ruined, addicted to "somebody doing something about the situation." SHTF, there'll be no "somebody". It will be on them and they have zero skills to get by. Many will loot, however that can only last so long.
  18. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    In the USA, FEMA plans involve evacuating people from cities into the countryside.

    In Britain:

    U.K. does have suggestions to citizens, including evacuation planning. No specific destinations given in the following document:

    Devon was an evacuation destination during WWII -- especially for the children.

    Seems the communist press in the U.K. has the same hatred for rural regions as do their fellow travelers in America.

    Positive note for Brits: I've not found specific plans for the evacuation of city populations to rural areas in the United Kingdom. Such IS the case here in America -- "Get them to rural areas and use up the food supplies there. We might have to keep moving them." In the USA, federal agencies are going to be sheep herders -- almost literally. Sheep eat the grass down to the nub, therefore forcing sheep herders to perpetually move them. FEMA plans to do this with city-dwelling types who are without any skills. FEMA plans to rape rural America in the event of a national emergency.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
  19. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    I too generally mind my own business Lonewolf. However I am aware of certain things and patterns within certain things.

    One of these things of which I know is that we are supposed to be down the road to losing our Americanism....what is in fact Americanism...and well on the way to are you folks in the UK.

    In a short number of years....the England of Chaucer, of Elizabeth 1...of Drake and his Golden Hind...Of Horatio Nelson, and of that English Bulldog...Winston Spencer Churchill will be no more....on a plan...a design.
    You will be much further along then we here in the a where you , like on the continent, will be taking second, third, and fourth place in your own country.

    This is the Earthquake which is coming ...faster in Europe and the UK than here.

    Donald Trump was not supposed to win....the presidency.

    And If Hillary had won we would rapidly be playing catch up with England and the Continent...

    And someone here a plan is working very hard to reinstitute this "Earthquake" back upon America to the point we will no longer be America. And this is as subversive here as it is in your country.

    For we are not subjects here...though someone would like to make it so....and rapidly had Hillary won.

    For those not familiar with certain societies this is called...... "The Restoration of the True Brotherhood."

    And this is a term or phrase for which most outsiders or the profane have never heard....nor will it ever be taught in public schools.

    Another variation of this is ...that they are Building a world..... "A world in which the children of the bondwoman ..shall be heir ..with the children of he freewoman."

    For those who can see, hear, and understand......they know that.... " The children of the bondwoman ...shall not be heir ....with the children of the freewoman."

    Between these two is a great gulf...and always has been....back to recorded history.

    For this is " The Ever War."

    You are fortunate of one thing are not in a big city.

    Yup Olde Geezer,

    I keep kerosene heaters around for backup heat should the gas go out. I try to keep several large propane bottles of gas for my grill as well. I also keep two of those Coleman pump up white gas camp stoves and have used them after Hurricane Isabelle.
    Also keep several cans about of that same white gas for the stoves.

    Keep several of the olde fashioned kerosene lamps about as well...

    Have four empty propane bottles for trade in at the local gas station. Scrounged them at the county dumpster. If you don't have a trade in bottle it can get expensive.

    But this will not last long and particularly when two legged wildlife find out what is here.

    For I learned with Hurricane Isabelle ...that few people can stand the night watch to see that this gear does not walk off...down the road. Most are daywalkers.

    It is going to be chaos management.....


    Not an Ishmaelite
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
    1. lonewolf
      I lived in a city for 43 years watcherchris, married and divorced 2 wives there, couldn't wait to get out of there, finally made it when I met the third wife 20 years ago.
      lonewolf, Feb 19, 2018
  20. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    yes people were evacuated to Devon during WW2, devon is a long way from London and mostly rural, only 2 cities in Devon and they are quite small compared to others and both on the south coast.
    I don't think anyone these days-sheeple that is- takes any notice of evacuation notes, they will wait for someone else to save them- its always someone else's job isn't it?
    Old Geezer likes this.
  21. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Good point you have made here Lonewolf...

    That is precisely what is going on with this latest gun control debate....

    Someone wants someone else to give up their belief system...their property ...their way of life to make someone else believe that they are safe and secure.
    In short....they need to "Herd " Americans to give up their rights and property to make someone else secure or at least believe that they are secure.

    In so doing they deceive many ...even themselves. But that is how a demonic delusion works best. They have fooled themselves ..and even a whole nation..or at least most of it.

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  22. koolhandlinc

    koolhandlinc Expert Member

    Blog Posts:
    I am a news junkie. Mostly don't watch the fake propaganda stuff. I think if it gets bad it will be clear enough to me.
  23. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

    Blog Posts:
    it depends, if it starts slowly it might not be apparent for some time especially to those who don't take much notice of what is going on around them i.e. sheeple, it wont be much apparent in the cities until shortages occur or the power goes off. nobody will take much notice of it until then.
  24. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

    Blog Posts:
    Notice how there have been riots in Haiti for the past few days, however the media hasn't had much to say about it. The media has stated that some American missionaries have been trapped in a hotel. They've only rarely stated that some U.S. gov. personnel have been isolated. But that is it. This news is politically incorrect, therefore it must be suppressed.
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