How Has The Weather Been In Your Region?

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  1. Denis_P

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    I live in a rural farming community, and as of late quite a bit misfortune has fallen upon many of its members. South of my area, many people have experienced devastating hail storms and other extreme weather which has decimated their crops and fruits in ways that they haven't yet seen.

    In my area in particular, last Summer was terrible for corn farmers as many of their crops dried out due to extremely low rainfall, resulting in low yields and poor quality. It seems that this Summer may be the same.

    As for my own personal garden, I've experienced a hit particularly to my fruit production in the past two years. Last Autumn I had practically no apples when I would typically have baskets full, and this Spring my cherry and apricot trees produced practically no fruits while my fig trees all died out, all thanks to record low temperatures during a particularly harsh Winter and unexpected frosts during the Spring.

    How has it been in your area? Have you noticed any changes due to worsening weather and temperatures or have things been relatively stable?
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    It has been normal here. Summer is upon us and it is hot like it is every year, we have had a little more rain than usual through June, but we are into the part of the year where we won't see much rain for next couple of months. There was plenty of rain through spring so crops should be in good shape and home garden has done well.
  3. Keith H.

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    It is winter here in New England NSW, & we have had rain & heavy frosts. No snow! The weather here has changed, we used to get more snow. Some winters now are not cold enough to kill off the bugs & we have lost many of our fruiting plants. Call it global warming or climate change, the name does not matter, but the climate here has changed for the worse.
  4. Vinaya

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    Currently, monsoon is at the peak in my place. Monsoom is a rainy season when rain clouds move away from Bay of Bengal and gather in the Nepalese sky. Monsoon is normally occurs in June, July and August. Since my home country nepal is agagrian country, rainy season happens to be very important season because rainy season is the season of rice plantation. Rice is staple food in Nepal.
  5. iamawriter

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    This is what we call the rainy season and in keeping with it raining on a daily basis is common here. What I like is that there is no heavy breeze and that helps our little plants who do not sway as swaying can rot their roots. Those who are walking also benefit while there is no breeze as otherwise their umbrellas would go flying and also turn upside down.
  6. Denis_P

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    As you said, call it what you will but we cannot doubt that change has been happening on our planet. My region used to get large amounts of snow during the Winter time as well, however the past few Winters we've only seen a couple of centimeters. The winters have been extremely cold, it's just that they were very dry as well.

    Whether the change in weather patterns is natural or manmade, one thing I can say for sure is that things definitely aren't the way they were before.
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