How Much Food Do You Need to Survive?

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    When it comes to the amount of food you will need to stay alive in a survival situation, this will greatly depend on your body mass index and the environment in which you are in. Your body will let you know when you are hungry and this basically means you need to eat. You don't need to eat until you are so full you can't move. This is one of the unhealthy factors that many people do today when they consume food.

    You may not need as much food as you think in order to survive but you will need to make sure to maintain a good balance of food to stay healthy and keep your body from being susceptible to sicknesses. In a survival situation often it is not the lack of food and water that becomes the culprit of your demise it is sickness, disease, and injuries. Remember if you are in a situation where you do not have food, and you must eat something in order to survive there are always options around for the most part.

    You may not like some of them but they will keep you alive. Insects are a great example of high levels of protein and other essential amino acids. In many countries insects are considered a snack. Should you be in a situation where you are starving and need food to survive remember, you can always eat the crawling little bugs that try to eat you. In this eat or be eaten world sometimes it's better to do the eating.
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    Best to stock up on trail foods now. Dry foods are best in my opinion, but bare in mind that some will need water to make them comfortably edible. At the same time you should always include foods that DO NOT require cooking. There are times when it is simply not safe to make fire.
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    Knowledge is also important. Learn as much as you can about wild edible plants in the area where you live. Learn as much as you can NOW. Next year may be too late. Keep in mind that plants and trees outnumber people by the tens of thousands. Every day we walk by wild edible plants that we could just stoop down, pluck, take home, wash off and eat. Look up what survivalists can do with the lowly dandelion. How about what they can do with acorns. What about the roots of cattails? Do you know how to use them? Study trees and edible tree bark. What all can you do with pine tree needles? What about the resin or sap of a pine tree? I expect to put on 20 pounds if or when things go bad in my area while all my neighbors get thinner and thinner. Why? Because I know where some wild edible plants are right now in my area.
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    One downside of Australia is that very little plantlife is edible and what there is is very scarce!
    Plenty of meat though! visited my block of land today and there were dozens of pigs, goats,deer and roos
    So meat is not a problem but veggies are!
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    Stock up on dry foods. Meat is nice for many reasons but not absolutely needed, as long as you're getting protien from something, dried foods will last the longest so stock up. The human body can go quite some time without food but water is more important, so stay hydrated and conserve energy if food is a problem in a drastic situation. Best to stock now and not worry about it later.
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    May I relate the story of the typhoon Ondoy which hit Metro Manila in 2009. It was a very rainy Saturday morning but we still went to the market as our habit - me and my husband, our housemaid, plus our 2 dogs in tow. There was no flood yet and everything looked okay. On our way back, heavy traffic was building up. Sensing there was a problem, my husband parked the car in the gas station. When he went out of the car to check, he learned that the road ahead was already flooded waist-deep. To make the story short, we were stranded in that gas station from Saturday 9am until Sunday 5pm.

    The convenience store of the gas station was almost empty and all we got was 2 packs of crackers and 2 bottles of water. My husband had some pieces of chewing gum. That was all we had for that period of more than 24 hours. Take note that most of the food were given to our 2 dogs and the 3 people had just crumbs. Our next meal was dinner of Sunday when the car was able to traverse the muddy road (no more flood).
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