How Prepared Are You For The Storm/winter Season?

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    I'm curious as to what you guys have at home in case of blizzards or (where I'm from) tropical storms? I have the basics like flashlights and canned goods, but I realize most of my appliances are electricity operated. My flashlight needs to be recharged, my stove is electric powered, the fridge would die without electricity, etc; what do you guys have that can be dependable enough at any given scenario?
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    Well, my adversities given inclement weather do not rise to the extreme, save God's wrath. Blizzards I've survived in the American Midwest. I attempted to outrun a storm once -- oops, it had a tornado within it and thus my car was assaulted with 70mph side-winds; I thought I was going to tip. Seems I'm in one piece even now. What wonder.

    Mine is a common trifle, the loss of electricity for a week or two. Wood stoves and kerosene lanterns readily are to the rescue, not to forget candles. And then there is the fireplace with a pot hook one swings over the fire (18" of sturdy iron), as did our long-past ancestors; this, to make stew, where's me rabbit?! We've cooked on wood stoves on innumerable occasions. How many times have I lit a BBQ, or gas grill, or fire, or whatever fire of convenience! Ha, ha, ha, one does as he or she must! Lord, my grandparents knew not electricity save in that "new-fangled dangerous wire" those rich people have. Funny.

    We have quilts and quilts and quilts, i.e. besotted with good fortune in such matters.

    My ears are piqued to learn the experience of others when it comes to truly hellish conditions. Up in the mountains 6,000 ft and above, uh-oh! one might find oneself dangerously close to their Creator! To avoid!

    Now let us hear of the truly terrible things! I want to hear the really bad stories. Me and mine, we've been spared Mother Nature's worst, as does OursIsTheFury.
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    Typhoon is our natural enemy here especially when it brings lots of rains that cause floods. Our usual preparation is the safety of our cars because our garage is lower then the floor level of our house. When our place is flooded, it can reach the interior of the car and that would be disaster. With food, we always have a stock of food that can last us even for a month maybe. Umbrellas and raincoat, checked. Not to forget, we have to trim the trees of the excess branches. In 2014, we failed to do the trimming. Our big mango in the backyard was felled by the strong winds of the typhoon. So now we are aware of that preparation.
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