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    Mental preparedness comes in many different ways and can be achieved in the multitude of fashions. You can train yourself, you can apply yourself, and you can know that you are ready to take on any type of emergency situation. None of this truly gives you the ability to be fully mentally prepared, though. The only way that you will know you are mentally prepared is when the time comes, and you are able to maintain your composure and hold it together.

    All too often the individuals that look like they are going to be the best under pressure are the ones that crack first. A strong mental preparation of the mind is involved with someone that survives a situation that is unexpected, traumatic, or considered an emergency. Unfortunately when these individuals have their break down because they cannot take the mental stress they have brought upon themselves they often let down others. Their let down is not only something that is mentally exhasuting it can sometimes be life-threatening as well.

    Knowing how to apply the steps you have taken to prepare yourself mentally can only be done by practicing them. The more you practice, the better you'll be when the time comes. Most importantly you must remember that no matter how much you practice or how much you believe you are ready for something you will never truly be ready for it until that moment happens. Once that moment occurs the way you handle yourself will show how mentally prepared you are. When it comes time to be mentally prepared apply your knowledge in a cool calm and collective fashion so that it may be useful and beneficial to you and anyone who may be in your party.

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