How To Effectively Stop A Nosebleed

Discussion in 'First Aid Skills' started by TsuyoyRival, Jul 17, 2017.

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    The quick idea to remember in order to stop a nosebleed is you need to pinch the soft part of the nose for at least 10 minutes, sitting straight and with the head slightly tilted forward.

    Now some explanations:
    1- Why the head needs to be tilted forward? If you do the opposite, tilting the head back, you probably going to swallow the blood and irritate your stomach, which will result in a vomit and worsening the nosebleed.
    2-Why 10 minutes? Less than 10 minutes probably your blood will not coagulate in your nose, and the temptation of looking into it might break the coagulum. If the nose still bleeds after 10 minutes, wait for more 10.
    3. It doesn't stop? Apply an ice patch or ice cube in the nose cheek, this might do the trick because cold constricts the blood vessels, mitigating the bleed.

    During the next half a day, try not to clean your nose or blow it.
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