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Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Climate change is a condition which is affecting every human, plant, and animal on the planet. From deforestation to the melting of the polar ice caps man is contributing to this drastically occurring climate shift. Drought, floods, earthquakes, and more are in store for our future due to our careless ways of industrialization. Factories and modernized living have contributed to more environmentally devastating greenhouse gasses and emissions in the past hundred years than in all existence of the planet. Humankind is truly become a cancer of the earth moving from one spot to the next depleting every natural resource in an essence leaving the planet dead. Some do this with no second thought while others fight to repair the damage and prevent this from happening in the future. Climate change is everybody's problem and requires global attention immediately. Perhaps it is already too late like many corporations believe so why not just carry it all the way until there's nothing left just like they do with business. For those of us who like to save our planet and have a home here in the future, not in some synthetically engineered likeliness of our planet somewhere amongst the cosmos, there is still hope.
    By reducing our environmental impact by as much as possible, we can help to do our part on slowing down and potentially reversing the effects of dangerous climate changes. Recycling is a small step amongst many when it comes to saving our planet. Learning to conserve on water is a necessity and should be a priority on everyone's list around the world. Currently, there are places in the world where people do not have clean water. In fact, every 8 seconds a child dies from water-borne illness somewhere in the world. This is a sickening issue that has been allowed to go on and is partially the fault of carelessness on man's behalf. Corporations have devastated our environment with toxic wastes and by-products from the production of their materials and gadgets. We as consumers have encouraged and facilitated this destruction by our need for these things. By returning to the basics and making life as simple as possible, we can help to reverse the effects of climate change. Some technologies are a benefit while others must go. Survival isn't always necessarily about knowing how to hunt and gather or build shelter; sometimes it's about knowing how to prevent the situation from occurring.
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    I think its too late to stop it happening, its already happening, its just a matter of time before the whole thing collapses.
    people have forgotten the lessons of the past, the need to put stuff back for a "rainy day", now its all instant gratification, put everything on the credit card and worry about paying it off later. everyone is a specialist, what we need is a "jack of all trades", you ever tried to book an electrician or a plumber? its practically impossible, nobody wants to do these trades anymore they all want be work in I.T. or "media".
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    The only thing real about climate chage is the tax's and the guilt trips!

    A single decent volcanic eruption pumps out more so called greenhouse gas's than mankind in a whole decade!
    Yet it is not the volcano blamed as the volcano can not be conned into a guilt trip or to hand over tax's

    No it is the stupid human that gets the guilt trip while being fleeced like a sheeple! and they even fleece themselves, how stupid is that!
    I wish real sheep could do that it would save a hell of a lot of shearing!

    It is not happening people! its a con and a good one!
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    Get out and vote get the goverment under control we have to get back to them listening to us instead of big money and them telling us how its going to be
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    forget about governments, they are all corrupt and will never change, what we need to do is prepare for when the government and society collapses, prepare for what comes after.
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