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    So by now you have implemented a permanent structure to start living in. You have made a mud hut, built a shelter out of supplies around the area, constructed a small hunting style cabin or taken over an old abandoned structure. Whatever the shelter is, it is time to start improving it for safety, integrity, and everyday living. The first thing to consider is do you have the basics like food, water, and wood. If so, how are you storing these items that you have collected and keep them safe for their environment?
    To start improving your shelter one may want to make an indoor location or secluded and covered location for their wood, as this is going to be one of the most important items you collect for your survival. If you have not already created a fire pit, this would be something easy to implement by digging a deep enough hole and surrounding the pit with stones, you could even lay smaller stones in the bottom as they will help contain your fires heat. The next improvement would be a way to cook over your fire. Depending what you have around, you may be able to create a grill for cooking over the fire or even set up sticks to make a roaster across the fire. After you have cooked your catch, you may end up with more than you can eat so what do you do with this? You can either, try to find a way to store it with you in your shelter or make a root cellar. This doesn’t have to big; just deep enough into the ground where the cold will help preserve your food for a short time. The cellar would also be a good place to store water if you have to fetch water daily. Finding a way to collect extra would be another way to improve your shelter. Other improvements you can make are an outhouse for your living area, tools for use like cooking, hunting, and trapping. A place to clean yourself, a perimeter line to ensure your safety and bed of some sort that hangs off the ground so that you do not have to worry about nature while you are asleep.
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