How To Make A Blow Gun And Darts

Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by Bishop, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. Bishop

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    A easy way to make a good blow gun

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  2. Squirtgunsquirter

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    On the carrier, we would make darts out of stainless steel safety wire and cigarette filters. I had a 1st class petty officer turn and drill one into my thigh LOL. It went in deep.

    Your setup is nice, the darts look nice. We can hunt with blowguns here.
  3. watcherchris

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    Funny you should say that Squirt...we just delivered the Abraham Lincoln back to the Navy after an overhaul. Working now on the George Washington.

    Many years ago I got about three foot of seamless copper tubing and a needle from a needle gun welding scaler. I sharpened a point on the needle...and then sealed it to the seamless copper tubing my making a cone seal on the back end.....then fitting it and cutting it off in the end of the tube.

    What we did in this shipyard was to put a 100 psi air hose on the end of this copper tube ...then release the kink we had used to shut off the air in the hose and thus propelling the dard down range.

    We shot it into a 4 x 4 block of wood from across the shack out of which we worked. We quickly discovered this was no was in fact very very dangerous. This needle penetrated the wood so deeply we broke off the needle in the process of getting it unstuck.

    The next dart we made ..we shot over to the next pier...and it made it about 2/3rds of the way across and fell into the water.

    Nonetheless...this is no toy...this piece of gear can be very dangerous.

    Being a needle from a needle gun welding scaler..this was a very heavy dart...with deep penetration behind 100 psi of air .but ...being young bucks as we were back then...we also had no idea of the potential of what we were doing with air behind it. We do now!!

    Even with 10 pounds of air and the right fodder in this blow gun..this is no toy.

    My friend to whom I will be speaking out in Tennessee this evening on my ham radio uses a variation of a blow gun in the form of an Air Cannon..with a reserve tank and a quick release valve to shoot a line over the tops of the trees and haul back a nylon string to which is attached antenna wire. This is a variation of a blow gun principle...and it too is not a toy.
    His load or projectile onto which is attached fishing line from a reel he has mounted on his a PVC short fitting with caps on the ends and about an ounce of lead shotgun shot inside it. An eye on the end has the fishing line attached to it.
    This too is no can be dangerous if not properly respected for what it is.

    Went to the local gun show this weekend. I was not impressed with much there.

    I did purchase some five P51 hand type military can openers and put them back. These to augment my stock of P 38 types. I am thinking I am going to only purchase the P51 types from here on out.

    I also purchased 200 rounds of Hornday .41 caliber 210 grain Hollow Points for reloading .41 magnum ammunition.

    Was looking at a Viking sword with a spring steel blade...which I verily liked but passed on it. I wanted it to augment my English long sword with spring steel blade which hangs in my radio man cave.

    But I passed on it for now.
    To many Japanese type swords for sale there ...just like to many AR and AK Rifles.

    Looking for a Thompson Contender Barrel in .41 Magnum calibration and 14 inch length to augment my existing .35 Remington, .223 Remington, and 7MM TCU Barrels.

    Also plan down the road to pick up a .22 long rifle barrel in 14 inch length for the same single shot handgun.

    I verily like just sitting down at the bench with this handgun and trying to hit targets at the 50 and 100 yard ranges...taking my time...not shooting a lot....but taking my time.

    Nonetheless...a blow gun is not a toy and to be respected for what it is.

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