How To Make A Sulfur Match

Discussion in 'All Resources About Fire' started by Bishop, Jan 12, 2019.

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    This is a very easy way to make a sulfur match.

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    Here is another way to make fire

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    Great stuff, why we're here! Thnx much!

    Fatstarter source (first link that popped up):

    Person can use pine shavings. Saw a vid where some boy put pine shavings into a dozen count cardboard egg carton, then poured wax into it. Compressed the mix. Let it dry. Cut up the carton into twelve little cups. Poof!, a dozen little fire starters. Where the wax overfilled, these places on the cardboard are where you can light the thing to get it going. No waste. So if you have to use your chainsaw on a pine tree, get out the canning wax & gather up the shavings. (If your chain is sharp, you don't have "dust", you got chips.) Fire starter logs are just wood shavings and wax.

    Question: Bishop, did you use plain old agricultural sulfur? It's got calcium and whatever else in it for treating the soil. If one's soil is too alkaline, one of course can put sulfur in the dirt to bring the pH down. You said you bought this at a hardware store. If you buy pure sulfur, that will cost you too much money.

    Note to gardeners: Too much sulfur in your soil will make your onions HOT.

    Scrap wax for fire starters (canning wax can cost you too much, especially if you are going for quantity):

    During hard times, one could make and sell fire starters. If you are selling firewood anyway, why not just use the sawdust also. During a SHTF situation, I'm keeping all that I could possibly need.
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