How To Make A Water Filtering System In The Forest

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    80% of all illness in developing countries is caused by polluted water. It is estimated that two million people die from these illnesses every year.

    To make a water filter in the forest is not simple, aborigines have to collect many materials from dangerous places.

    The water filter unit is designed as a point-of-entry system that filters water directly as it enters a home plumbing system from a municipal or private well water source.

    Most water filters use a four-stage filtration system. The first stage of filtration removes any sediment materials in the water that may clog the filter, reducing its effectiveness. The second stage then uses a chemical process called water atomization to alter the molecular structure of chlorine and turn it into the harmless molecule, zinc chloride. The third and fourth stages of filtration involve bituminous-activated carbon and coconut-shell activated carbon media to filter pesticides, remnants of biological matter, and other harmful chemicals. Bituminous-activated carbon is currently the best available technology for filtration purposes.

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    Looks like the video you linked to is unavailable. This idea interests me so if you could write out the steps that would be awesome!
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