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    In survival situations, many people will contemplate on how to make power. From charging phones, radios and other devices to having the power to run refrigerators and other items in their homes or shelters power will not be a necessity it will be a luxury. In the house you can provide power for yourself in ways other than paying a power company bill at the end of the month and the same ways can benefit you in different survival situations more than you can imagine.

    If you are looking to make power one of the easiest ways to do this is by using a gasoline-powered generator. With a gas-powered generator, all you have to have is gasoline on hand to run your generator. Some generators will require oil in them while others require an oil mixture in the fuel. A small generator that runs 800 watts, for example, can power laptop computers, phones, lights and even televisions and Xboxes. If you are running a large-scale house, you will want much more wattage available than that. Generators can produce thousands upon thousands of watts of electricity depending on your needs.

    Another way that you can make electricity is to harvest it utilizing solar panels or windmills. Ranchers have used windmills for decades to power water pumps on their properties to provide water for themselves and their livestock. Many people today are choosing to do what is referred to as off-grid living. This is where solar panels and battery collection banks are used to collect and store power to be used at a later time. With a little bit of preparation and studying these processes they can be readily utilized when you need to make electricity of your own.
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