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    There are a few basics you need for survival, and it's always helpful to know how to make these few basic things. A good simple trap will require a few sticks and some rope or cord. Just find a good sturdy tree and a big bendable branch vertically to it. You need to fashion a couple of spikes on the big branch so it is effective towards the animal. once you have made the spikes on the big branch and it's tied to the tree get a smaller stick and pull down the big branch so that it is bent going away from the tree and position the smaller stick so that the branch stays tense. Then simply place bait under the trap so that the animal has to bump the stick to get the bait, and when the animal goes to munch the tension will release pinning the animal to the tree.
    Simple ways to make water appear would be digging in areas where the ground looks wet on the surface or anywhere with healthy vegetation. You can place a shoelace along rocks seeping water and collect water slowly this way. You could also use your shirt or any clothing to collect the morning dew on the grass. You can boil seawater and collect vapor with your shirt as well and this water it is safe to drink to. These are a few ways to make or create some of the essentials that you need for survival.
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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor raccoon!
    I've had three as pets when younger.

    I trap but now use body hold killer traps.
    I won't let any animal suffer.
    Just my sensitive side.
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    By the way. I have a couple dozen traps and know how to trap.
    I grew up near a small river and trapped rats and 'coon when rats brought .75 cents.
    That was about 55 years ago.
    I can make drowning sets so the critter checks out quickly.
    I'm getting soft in my old age.:D
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