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    No one is ever truly prepared for an earthquake but by practicing procedures such as earthquake drills at home you can better prepare yourself for the situation should it ever occur. There are suggestions that you can take into consideration online or in books that will help you formulate an idea or plan that will work for you in the time of an earthquake.Preparing yourself for an earthquake is not something that can be practiced on practical levels. You will have to simulate earthquake drills. This is things like response time for you to seek cover that is safe. Often in the movies people running underneath tables during times of earthquakes. This is actually not too safe of a move. Going between doorways is generally a safer place to be due to the sturdiness of the structure surrounding door jams.


    Earthquake survival is also about being prepared. Being prepared for an earthquake means taking the time to know if you are in an area that has active earthquakes. Understanding the basics of plate tectonics and fault lines will also allow you to know if you are going to be traveling anywhere that may be dangerous. The ground is shaking everywhere, and those plates are moving. Earthquakes can, will, and do happen. Venezuela just recently experienced a 7.8 on the Richter scale. This could happen anywhere.
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