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    The best way to prepare yourself for the wilderness is to put yourself in the wilderness. You can study online all about the area or region you live in. You can attend courses or weekend seminars that are outdoor activity orientated. Ultimately the best way for you to learn what you need to know to be prepared for wilderness survival is by practical applications and first-hand trials.

    Knowing what to do is vitally important in a survival situation in the wilderness but being sure that you can effectively accomplish these tasks will give you an extra piece of mind. Being prepared is what you want to be in any situation. There's no such thing as being too prepared when it comes time to put your skills to test. Having practiced them in real life applications and drills will give you an edge on others who have only read books.
    General activities that are extremely fun and also do not cost much such as hiking, biking, and photography will allow you to learn many things about the areas in which you are in. Always be sure to have first aid kits nearby and understand what dehydration is and how to spot the signs of it if you plan on doing any of the above-mentioned activities. Staying safe is smart and can be done with a little preparation.
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