How to Salvage Materials

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    In survival, a lot of things might become useless or broken, but that doesn't always mean you need to throw them away. A broken knife or a gun that has run out of ammunition are good examples because you can use the metal to fashion other tools. If you can find the right rock, you should be able to make a spark if you have a good solid piece. Any sticks weapons you fashion that is broken during use can be used as firewood or as poking stick. Sometimes you can harvest the meat from recently dead animals, but I suggest you only resort to that if your life depends on it. In this case, it is crucial to be sure to study how the animal passed away to determine if it was natural or if the animal was infected or poisoned.
    If you come across any abandoned ruins, they always make good spots set up shelters and can have materials for creating weapons, shelter and more. If you are lucky enough to find yourself stumbling upon an old car in the woods you may want to sleep in the car but it would be better just to take the cushion from the seats. If you could salvage enough stuff that can float you can make a raft that is ideal for long distance travel, and you can use a long stick and a bushy branch to make a paddle. These are just a few of the ways that you can salvage things in the wild.
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    i'm very good at salvaging things, its called scavenging !!
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    im a expert at this. dumpster dives curb finds my place was made this way a few stores and factory save stuff for me i was green and recycle long before it was cool lol
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    dumpsters( we call them skips) arent so common these days outside of the big cities, the big stores lock them up behind high gates and residential ones are expensive .
    but its interesting seeing what is dumped by the side of the road-"fly tipping" we call it, I also go around on refuse day to see if anything that has been put out for the recycling is any use to me.
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