How To Stay Safe Outdoors During an Earthquake

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    Should you be outside during an earthquake, there are some things that you can do to help ensure your safety. Some of these things are obvious like avoiding areas where there are mountainous cliffs, and extreme amount of trees, or hillsides that could shift and collapse. Earthquakes can trigger everything from landslides, mudslides, snow slides, to tsunamis. Should you find yourself in the midst of one of these horrible natural disasters staying safe is a matter of your reaction time to the situation.
    Watching for falling objects that may land on you injuring you and potentially causing death is going to be the key factor to watch out for. Falling rocks, tree branches and other debris will be more dangerous than the potential of the earth splitting underneath you. In the event of an earthquake, most are not extremely wide like in the movies and can be avoided by remaining calm. In any situation when you become scared as when accidents are more prone to happen. Pay attention to your geographical locations and landmarks as during the aftermath of an earthquake the landscape can change dramatically.
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