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    When it comes to storing water, there are many different options. The best option to storing water is a glass container. When storing water in plastic jugs water can become stagnant and even worse the plastic can end up poisoning the water. Fresh water for drinking can also be stored in tin or metal containers. This will eliminate light from passing through to the water allowing for dangerous microorganisms to grow inside of your water containers. Water that is stored should be boiled again before you utilize it even if it was boiled before storage. This will help to ensure the safety of the water you are drinking. Bacteria and microorganisms that are found in water that is not stored properly can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.
    When you are short on water in the first place, the last thing you want to do is to end up vomiting and dehydrating yourself or having diarrhea and dehydrating yourself. By storing your water properly in glass or metal containers, you can help to avoid common issues that are found by contaminated water. During emergency situations, gallon jugs of water are quite ok, but they do have a shelf life. The average gallon jug of water should not sit for more than a year without being refreshed. Storing your water underground or in a dark container or room will also help to prevent from dangerous bacteria blooming in your h2o.
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