How to Survive in a Fire

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    Should you ever find yourself in a fire whether it be in the woods or in a structural fire there are ways to survive. Knowing these ways can mean the difference between life and death. Should you be in an area where it is consumed by fire if you can find anything like a blanket or sheet too wet and wrap yourself in it will help prevent your clothing and hair from catching on fire right away. Try to cover your mouth and nose with a shirt or cloth to help filter the smoke in the air. Smoke inhalation can cause you to lose consciousness and end up seriously injured if not worse. Stay low to the ground when trying to escape as smoke rises and typically is thicker the higher up you go. Be careful of kicking in doors, walls, or busting out windows in a building that is on fire because you can experience a severe flashback. This is been a massive amount of oxygen enters the room feeding the fire and, in essence, causes an explosion of flame.

    If you are outdoors and have a fire moving toward you where you are trapped one of the few options you have is to dig trenches around the area where you are to prevent the fire from reaching you. You would be surprised as a last resort how often digging a hole can come in handy in saving your life. Should you be caught in a forest fire always watch for which way the animals are running for they will know the way out better than you. Keep these tips in mind and should the unfortunate situation occur where you are caught in a structural fire or a wildfire you might just have the needed information remembered to make a difference in life or death for you or someone else.
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    As soon as you realize a fire is happening, get up and walk over to your door to feel if it is hot. If the knob or door is hot, there is a big chance fire is on the other side. So, if that is the case, try climbing through a window if that is your only escape route. If the door is not hot, then open the door and get out in the nearest exit
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    The impulse would be to proceed to the exit when a fire breaks out. But that impulse had cause deaths in many instances because the exit area is clogged with people. Worse, it can also cause an stampede that can kill you even before the fire reaches you. Instead of rushing, give yourself time to assess the situation for at least 30 seconds before making your move. Avoiding not only the fire but also the smoke would save your life.
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    That is a good bit of information, that animals are often the most perceptive indicators of a natural disaster. They will generally be able to sense any sort of trouble coming. It is good to own a medium-sized dog. if not for that reason alone.

    I had a car catch on fire in the winter with a leaky gas rail. Lucky for me, there was so much snow around; that the damage was minimal. It is definitely a scary situation though, when you are there facing it. Fire is a powerful force of nature. The whole thing could have exploded. They typically fill cars with gasoline to cause explosions in the movies. But, I think that it could logically explode even without packing it.

    I think most house fires are caused by poor electrical systems or cigarette smoking. A neighbor of mine had once burned down his house by falling asleep with a lit cigarette in hand.
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    One of the most common ways by which people get killed in a fire incident is not by the flame itself but rather through smoke inhalation. So, it's very important to find and break open any window or doors to let in fresh air immediately. You can mark spots in your home where in a fire incident will be the best place to break out from. I've also heard pouring water all over yourself instead at the fire will minimise the harmful effects of smoke inhalation.
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    Fire has always been one of my top worries. Besides having fire extinguishers, I've also bought fire-proof blankets and am aiming to buy masks against smoke.
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    Really helpful information on surviving a fire. I personally subscribe to the fact that you should never kick in doors and windows, again always be careful about the smoke they can most times cause more harm than the fire, in many cases it has been found that the smoke was responsible for death during a fire.
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