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    When the ground shakes and the earth quakes, you only have seconds to react. Find a table or doorway to duck and hide under until the tremors are over. If you have the ability to get out in the open in the middle of the field away from everything that is one of the safest spots you can be.

    Hiding under something sturdy during an earthquake if you are in a building or structure may be the thing that saves your life should everything come crumbling down and collapses around you. Remaining calm if you are pinned somewhere is important. You do not know how long you will be there. It may be scary but the more you scream and panic the more you will deplete your body's natural resources. In situations where you are stuck in debris, you won't have access to water, so it is important to conserve your energy.

    When people do come sorting through the rubble looking for survivors you want to be awake and have enough energy in order to alert them to where you are. Surviving an earthquake is possible if you take a few safety measures into consideration. Practicing drills at home will help to prepare you better or when the unwanted situation of an earthquake occurs.
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    I can't imagine what it would be like to survive the main earthquake only to be trapped under debris and not found. That would be utterly horrible. What a terrifying thought!
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    The reality is, when a big earthquake comes along, most typical structures will come down. Japan had in recent years experienced a huge earthquake, which they had anticipated and spent a lot of money in technology and preparation. But what to come next they could not stop in the form of a tsunami.

    Living in a house that is fortified for such a disaster as a earthquake would save your life. But most people will not take the time and money to build such a building. I'm talking about thick 12 inch concrete walls with 4 to 5 times the allowed minimum amount of ribar in them. Also, you might want to take in consideraton that housing forms is a big issue in integrity. Traditionally it's squared, but a dome like structure would be something to look at as well. They have been shown to stand up to earthquakes due to its shape.
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    Growing up I never worried about earthquakes because they were unheard of in Oklahoma. Now, my state is the earthquake capital of the world, seriously... we beat California. Right now, they're more of a nuisance than anything else.

    I remember about 5 years ago we had the first earthquake that a large area of people actually felt. Radio stations dubbed it "Earthquake Wednesday" and made big fuss about it. Now, we can get 20 a week, some ranging around M3 to M4. Over the past year we've have more than 3,000 quakes, although all small.

    This past Christmas season was HELL! We what what social media called "ice-bliz-flood-quake-nado" because all at the same time parts if our state were having major ice storms and whiteout blizzrds, while other parts were experiencing major floods and several violent tornados and to top it off Mother Nature sprinkled in several earthquakes across the entire state.

    I was in flood-nado zone, sitting in an underground stormshelter during an earthquake is a very scary experience.

    Back to the point, our quakes are mostly being blamed on the large amount of oil fracking going on here but experts have warned us to prepare for a larger quake in the near future. So, it's definitely on our list of diaster senerios now.
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