How To Treat A Minor Burn

Discussion in 'First Aid Skills' started by TsuyoyRival, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Taking in consideration someone just got a small thermal burn, the best way to prevent further damage to the skin tissue and cool the area is to apply, as fast as possible, running water at a gentle pressure and a cool compress. Applying very cold substances (eg.: ice), or other cultural beliefs like toothpaste, butter, vinegar, bleach, alcohol will aggravate the burn damage, which can result in a severe infection.
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    Pardon me but we do not use water to soothe a burn. What we use is ice. Normally, the fridge is in the kitchen so when you get burned while cooking, the best remedy is to get an ice cube and place it on the burned area for as long as you can. When the ice cube had melted, get another one. You will notice that pain will be felt whenever the ice cube is removed. Well, ice or extreme cold deadens the pain of the burn caused by heat and the flesh and skin are like in suspended animation (this is my impression and not a fact though). After 30 minutes or so, you can finally stop applying ice because the burned spot will have stabilized.
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    My training for industrial first aid attendant certificate might be different from other places. Immediately we begin cooling area under cool water as the first five minutes can control the depth of the burn. After that initial period we use cold water compresses or cold packs wrapped in a triangular bandage. We never able ice directly to a burn, only if we have a barrier between ice and skin. We never cool over 20% of the body and stop if patient begins to shiver. We only cool for 10 minutes on 5 minutes off. We clean area and apply a burn cream then apply non adhesive bandage keeping burn covered. Burns can be highly susceptible to infection so keeping clean is important.

    As there are many different procedures for different places you must find the proper procedures in your area if using in a professional setting.
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    My training for minor burns as in not severe is cool water for 10-15min then leave the thing alone to air dry, then cover if in a dirty environment.
    No lotions potions or anything and cover only if needed to keep clean and dry.
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    That's what I was taught as a child, cool a minor burn down with cold running water, cover it to keep it clean if you must but otherwise don't mess with it or you risk introducing an infection and doing more harm than good. I have no formal first aid training though.
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    First degree burn (only affecting outer layer of skin my training we can apply burn cream) at home I use a aloe type gel.

    Second degree burn ( affecting more layers of skin, will see blisters ) nothing is applied only cooling and keeping burn clean and covered with sterile dressings.

    Third degree burn ( affecting full thickness of skin) we refer to hospital as damage to deeper structures might be damaged, we cool area and keep clean and covered
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    I was taught to cool the burn area under running water for 20 minutes. Definitely NO ice. Then cover with a non-stick dressing. Plastic Cling film works really well.
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