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    The most precious commodity in a survival situation you may find is water. Once you have access to water, you will need to make sure it is safe to drink. You don't always want just to grab any water and drink it. There are many different reasons for this. The water could be infected with microorganisms, parasites, or bacteria that could end up making you extremely sick and could even end up killing you.

    There are some basic processes that you can make sure your water is clean though thankfully. The easiest way to ensure you have clean drinking water is to boil your water. By putting your water in soup can, cooking pot, or other container that can be heated over a fire source you can bring your water to a boil making it safe. It is recommended to boil your water for several minutes and for 5 minutes at least. This will kill anything in your water that may be harmful to you.

    If your water was extremely dirty, you might want to strain off the top of it leaving the bottom behind. The sediments and parasites along with other things that may be the cause of your dirty water will settle to the bottom. This will leave the clean drinking water on top. Drinking water can also be cleaned and sanitized using a very small amount of bleach. Be careful not to use too much however because it can really tear up your stomach.
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