How would you create cooking utensils?

Discussion in 'Primitive Cooking' started by meganisonfire, May 26, 2016.

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  1. meganisonfire

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    I was just wondering how a person would go about creating cooking utensils from nature. My father once made me a fork and spoon set from a trunk of a cedar tree once. He just took a chunk of it and slowly carved it down. I am wondering how sanitary would the wood be after awhile? Would you be able to reuse the utensils after cooking raw meats? I know that wood absorbs bacteria and could make you sick if you eat with it after touching raw meats.
  2. Corzhens

    Corzhens Master Survivalist

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    They have many tricks in the rural area when it comes to improvisation. When I first went to a coconut plantation, we were treated to young coconut. The farmer picked a cluster of young coconut and opened it with his bolo. And for the utensil to scoop the white flesh of the young coconut, he fashioned a spoon from the shell.

    In another occasion and another farm, we were treated to a bamboo festival of sorts where the food were cooked in bamboo cylinders that also served as plate. And with the utensils, of course they are fashioned from bamboo. Here is an actual photo of the rice being cooked inside the bamboo cylinder... IMG_6464 bamboo rice.JPG
  3. John Snort

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    If you can find clay then you could use it to make cookware, plates and even cups. Mold clay into whatever shape you please. Build a fire and heat to make it harder and waterproof. Of course what you'll make will be heavy and fragile but when you move you could take a lump of clay with you to make more utensils should you need them.
  4. lonewolf

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    a lot of cooking can be done either suspended over the fire or in the coals of the fire, water in bark containers can be heated using hot rocks from the fire.
  5. Tom Williams

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    Gee i just went to dollar tree and got them allso got plastic silverware paper plates and a nice plastic container to put it all in it will allso work as a sink to clean them in dont make it hard your going to cook and eat
  6. remnant

    remnant Expert Member

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    Other than using containers like coconut covers and clay bowls etc, you can also use the sun to cook. This works by dividing the food into small pieces by decreasing the surface area so that the sunrays can penetrate more easily. This should be done in an open area for direct insolation. This method works well with insects and fatty meats but can only be applied in hot areas or when there is availability of sunshine.
  7. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    I pass
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  8. Christy Stephens

    Christy Stephens New Member

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    I believe that you could probably sterilize your utensils in some boiling hot water which you can create from building a fire. Generally they use really hot temperatures to kill bacteria in addition to the normal soap and water.
  9. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    where would you get the utensils from in the first place in a survival situation? we cant always rely on shop bought stuff .
  10. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    By being prepared????
    Having those items on hand?
    Just askin'.
    If bugging out then shop for camping supplies. Even Walmart sells a small stainless steel set of ]a fork, spoon,
    knife, that nests together for a couple bucks and takes little room in a bug out bag.
    Samo with small fry pan, pots, etc. of aluminum or stainless steel.
    Think: What did the early settlers do? What did the cowboys do on long cattle drives to clean
    pots, pans, utensils. The used sand to scour cooking pots then wiped the sand out.
    Does this get grit in the food. Sure does and it won't hurt you one bit.
    Recall that back then there was no Teflon and aluminum, only cast iron and steel. Mostly
    cast iron which I still prefer for cooking.
    Nothing beats a properly seasons cast iron dutch oven and frying pan.
    Don't bug out with them in a back pack as they will get heavy real quick.
    I'm gonna bug in here at my lonesome house in the country with few close neighbors.
    I love it here.
    My g-friend is legally blind, her 42 year old daughter is schizophrenic.

    They gonna die!
    Oh, well, it's just the way things go.
    Survival requires hard choices now doesn't it!

    Recall that I've survived gun fights, knife attacks, beatings, and more.

    Kinda hardens a fella bit don'cha'think?
    I come first! It's not selfish. Without me my kids, grand kids, loved ones have ZERO chance
    of surviving a shtf situation.

    I'm even betting in a real shtf that lasts more than 3 days there will be an sharp increase
    in suicides.

    I recall when I was a police officer January, February, saw increased suicides and attempts.

    The big holiday excitement is over, the bills pour in, weather is gray and bleak in the north
    and the weak can't cope.

    In a real shtf situation the weak will be killed and eaten.

    By each other.
  11. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Oh, and when whittling out your spoon, fork or sharp stick be SURE what you are
    making those things from.
    Some are deadly, deadly poison.
    So here:

    KNOWLEDGE. Your #1 survival tool.

    Get it?

    I've been reading survival books and articles since I was about 10.
    Well I dunno for sure.
    Perhaps surviving an alcoholic father and mother? When dad died we threw a party.
    When mom died I didn't even attend the funeral.
    Yeah, it was that bad.
    Perhaps because I spent most if my childhood time alone just 5 minutes from a river and
    At 12 I was running my own 2 mile trap line with only a kerosene lantern for light and
    not even a .22 rifle to protect me from the things that go bump in the night.
    I did carry a large knife however.
    There were huge bears, wild mountain lions, quicksand, flesh eating fish, and other
    specters a scared kid could imagine.:eek::confused::(

    Pro'ly why I ain;t skeet of much of anything these days.
    And surviving being a white cop in a city 50 + % ethnic that hated whites and
    all cops.
    That and being a bit paranoid and armed.:D
  12. rose thornes

    rose thornes New Member

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    You can use a coconut shell as a bowl. A coconut leaves as a spoon, its sturdy enough to grab small pieces of food. When roasting, wrap the fish or meat in banana leaves it will lessen the burnt plus it add flavor to the food.
  13. Ystranc

    Ystranc Master Survivalist

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    You can boil water over a fire in an unfinished leather cauldron suspended on three sticks. There is quite a bit of skill involved but I have tried it with varying degrees of success and it does work.
    Wooden utensils are fine as far as hygiene goes, certainly cleaner then your fingers.
    Peeled dogwood makes a good skewer for cooking pretty much any small piece of meat or veg. While larger pieces can be cooked on a plank.
  14. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    you can make bark bowls, you can heat water in a pit with hot rocks or you can cook over a camp fire.
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