Hubei Women Faring Better Than Men

Discussion in 'Ladies Section' started by Pragmatist, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    The article is about the Hubei area women.

    Please be assured if the Wuhan virus epidemic arrives to the Mid-Atlantic US, Madam Prag will not be going out for the weekly supply run for groceries - even though this place will be closed down. (Our group is over-loaded with food)

    Note that Professor Clark mentions the statistical difference might not be biological.

    Reports of 51%; 49% ratios saturating the news really requires me to wish for a Cat 5 hurricane so I can find some tranquility, peace of mind and calm to respond to an emergency.
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    You'd prefer a Cat 5 over the Coronavirus? The whistle blower doctor passed away, they said. But did he pass away because he became too sick, or did they not administer to his needs well enough medically? I suspect that. We can't always assume that all doctors are in excellent health, he was not young.
    Does it mean women are healthier? I don't think so but when I look at guys I went to school with, do they look our age, do I look 10 years younger because I might be healthier?
    What else is there that China knows but isn't telling? A doctor's oath is to uphold certain ethical standards. Do Chinese doctors hold the same oath?
    Do the various diseases, viruses, flu strains, and bacterial pathogens favor specific peoples? Not normally but of course anyone in poor health is more susceptible to not being strong enough to fight off the ills of the population. Is there some other underlying factor to the COVID-19 virus that China hasn't mentioned?
    Probably not.
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    Good morning Radar,

    Hurricane preparations, the response and recovery have been sanitized to only mean damaged roofs, closed roads, lost electricity,.... The nasty stuff like infected flood waters and no medical care facilities available were erased out.

    The corona virus is portrayed in the media for the public is the opposite to hurricane public info. The corona virus is portrayed as the ultimate unknown; the fear of untimely and painful death.

    Dr Li Wenliang was the M.D. He's called the original reporter. In the big picture, it doesn't matter how he died - especially in China. He and the other med folks were working long shifts, with minimal meals / hydration in a dangerous health environment.

    I believe women are healthier than men in Hubei Province - and much of China - because men (and many boys) smoke. The smoking aggravates the respiratory problems associated with the corona virus.

    The basics of the history and recent Hubei experience is known to others outside China. These basics are know in the US, UK, Japan, Israel, ...

    I don't have the knowledge about diseases and public health. My reliance is just on common-denominators: basic hygiene, decent diet, keep hydrated, prep - - - PREP - - - anti-bacterial towelettes are always carried.

    Leaving the bio-medical aspects of this epidemic / pandemic, we in the US can see the current "cotton plantation growers" being the health care establishment, getting ready to go the way of the cotton farmers. The saturated reporting we're getting on this disease doesn't explain that someone with a fever and a week plus of coughing can't get medical care without losing the small house with a little equity in it.


    Meanwhile, besides the Wuhan Shake, the hurricane prep and some needed tranquility, must sharpen the machete to get ready for the ticks. It's been a warm winter here and this means tick danger.
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