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    It's no easy task hunting a predator that smells, hears, and sees better thAn us humans. With the right steps and precautions, you will be at the top of the food chain in no time.Hunt in groups. It's common sense that two sets of eyes are much better than one. The more angles you can cover the better. Predators coming to a call are focused on the caller, not a not so distant weapon aiming hunter. Deadly moments are better together. Try using a variety of mouth calls varying in tone. Using the loudest, which will reach further, and then a second one with a more muted tone as the animal closes in. Sometimes, when one call does not get an outcome, switching to a different volume or sound may work. Variety is important.
    Check for tracks along the streams and rivers, including dry ones. Fresh tracks or scat can tell you how often critters are around and how many of them. Setting up stands near water is a smart idea, to get the predator in its peak times of traveling. Be it early or late in the day. You should adjust stands depending on the terrain you are hunting in.
    In flat, open country, your calls can be heard up to a mile away by predators. In hilly, or thick covered area, sounds are muted by terrain, so they don't travel near as far. The weather could also have an adverse effect, so with that in mind, you may want the stands closer together.
    Use elevation to your advantage. Aim from higher ground than where the predator usually travels, as this will make all the difference. With even a little elevation, calls go farther covering more area. You can also see animals coming from afar, and before they even see you, you are set up ready for the kill before the prey gets in range.
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