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    This my first time with this so bare with me , I'm just starting to learn about what to do with my family when all goes tits up.... I need help to get us up to speed with all this and I hope I can lean on everyone to guide me though it all to teach us and live . thank you and nice to meet you all
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    Good day, & welcome to this forum.
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    Prioritize in order of necessity. The rule of 3s is a good place to start. This is my version but I'm not the originator of the idea.

    3 seconds...that is how long you will have to bring your gun or weapon into play if you are attacked. If you are too slow you are dead. The quick and the dead is reality in some situations.

    3 minutes...that is how long you can go without air. Learn how to swim or stay away from water. Also you might think about some form of mask. smoke or even massive dust can kill you. At least have some dust masks on hand.

    3 hours...that is about how long you will live when the cold or heat starts to kill you. Shelter in a MUST. If it is cold you need shelter and FIRE. In the heat you need SHADE. Hats are a must if you are going to be in the sun.

    3 days...that is about how long people live without water. You have to have it and unless you want to die you need to know how to find it and almost as important how to make it safe to drink. Bad water leads to dysentery and is just a slightly slower death than not having any water at all!

    3 weeks...That is how long most people can go without food before they start to break down and starve to death. UNDERSTAND, you don't die in 3 weeks but you start staring and will die. This is important to understand. Three weeks without food makes you week but not dead. The human body is tough and food is not a major immediate priority.

    3 months...Humans are not made to be alone. After 3 months most people will begin to suffer from being isolated. There is a reason why putting people in solitary confinement is a torture.

    3 years...By this time if you are still just surviving you are probably a dead man walking. Surviving is stressful!! It means that you are under threat and constantly trying to be alert. As soon as possible you need to settle down stop surviving and start living. People that stay in full on survival mode for too long usually never come out of it. PTSD can happen a lot faster than 3 years but if it goes that long you are lost.

    The last three goes like this and concerns the MUST have things like knives, ways to make fire and water purification...1 is NONE...2 is SOME and 3 MIGHT BE ENOUGH!!! When it comes to fire and water I usually go for overkill!

    The biggest secret to survival is actually rather simple. Sit down and imagine all the things that could go wrong and then think about what you would need to survive and prosper under those conditions. FORETHOUGHT will separate the quick from the dead in a hurry. You want to be the one ACTING when something happens not the one trying to decide what to do and then just reacting without a lot of thought. I call it the "What if" game and then write down what I need and what I need to know and then find out where to get the KNOWLEDGE and the TOOLS that will allow you to survive.
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    I would say start simply, get a few extra cans every time you go shopping and start building your food stockpile, but SLOWLY, SHTF isnt going to happen tomorrow or even next week.
    next is water, you need to have someway of accessing drinking water when the mains are off, a few gallon bottles of water as a back up supply is good, they need to be in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, a water filter is a good thing to have, I personally prefer the Sawyer.
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